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Beneficial effects of
Covid19 on nature

Coronavirus has been negative for people but beneficial for nature.

Air pollution has decreased, the hole in the ozone layer has decreased, illegal wildlife trafficking has also decreased...

December 2020

March 2020

Pollution evolution

The main beneficiaries of this situation has been wildlife.

Our confinement has made them live in peace and quiet.

An example of this we can see in the canals of Venice.
In the following images we can see the differences:



The absence of tourists and the decrease in the number of boats have made the water clearer.

The water is now so crystal clear that fish can be seen swimming in it.

We can also observe how swans swim calmly, oblivious to everything that is happening.

The change is evident. The big question is:

What will happen when humans
return to the streets?

Beatriz Brito Díaz