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Covid-19 response & recovery:

Making learning and support immediately available to Scotland’s communities and organisations.

We are all part of an extraordinary sector that is now more important than ever before. As a funder, you are playing a vital role helping many of our organisations to survive, thrive and continue serving communities and individuals during these difficult times. As we move to a different reality – the need for effective leadership and innovation, modifying and pivoting what and how we deliver is critical. How people lead their staff and organisations will be key in helping our sector through and into recovery, In collaboration with partners, the Academy is therefore providing support for the sector to help build leadership capacity, individual and organisational resilience and foster collaboration. The support will help to generate new ideas and opportunities to help meet the immediate and longer term sector needs and challenges as we start to build for the future.How can we collaborate to support your recipients? There has been fantastic support from all parts of the sector focused on funding, guidance, advice and business support. We also know that individuals and organisations have expressed a strong need to connect, collaborate and engage in meaningful dialogue about what could be possible now and in the future. They are looking for opportunities to learn from others and innovate so the funding and income they receive is even better utilised. We would welcome working with you to provide these opportunities to your recipients which can include: Online peer support and learning groups focused on a particular topic, location or thematic area that you fund Income generating sessions for organisations in receipt of grantsTailored COVID-19 blended learning programmes bringing together grant recipientsIndividual and team coachingWhy collaborate with the Social Enterprise Academy?We’ve been supporting people and organisations working for social change across Scotland since 2004 and are a key part of the eco-system. The Academy has extensive experience of bringing groups together to learn with and from each other, turning learning into action.Our experienced facilitators are social entrepreneurs and leaders themselves. They understand the challenges facing people at this time and are skilled in online facilitation.We create safe spaces for people to have meaningful dialogue and share experiences with peers, self-reflect and find hope through practical solutions and ideas.

How can we collaborate to support your recipients?

For grant recipients that want to find collaborative solutions to the current challenges and look forward: How do we emerge from the present and build for the future?

Online Peer Support & Learning Groups

A series of up to 4 sessions of 2 hours each over a number of weeks.Online groups that enable third sector leaders in a similar geographical location or operating in the same sector (e.g. Housing, health, tourism…) to collaborate and find solutions to how we emerge from the present and build for the future. Share their current experience, good practice and approach to how they are leading their staff and organisations through this periodAddress common issues and problems as sector leaders to find immediate and long term innovative solutions togetherPut in place activities that will support leaders through to recovery and re-imagining what is possible

Two sessions of between 2 and 3 hours each spread over multiple weeks.Bringing together leaders, staff and volunteers in a recipient organisation or community to go through a process to explore ideas and innovations that will help to sustain them through COVID-19 and build longer term sustainability. Consider the assets and strengths they have as an organisation/community that can be leveraged in how they respond nowExplore how they can pivot and innovate as an organisation to help them through to recovery and a different future

A series of 3 sessions of 1 .5 hours each to build trust and safety. The sessions are spread over a few weeks or more regularly if the group requests.Online groups that focus on specific challenges as a result of COVID-19, including ‘how do we balance home and working life?” We would like to explore what other challenges your members would like to explore to get some support from others.

Bold & Brave Dialogue groups

Facilitated Innovation sessions: Leveraging assets

Peer Support Groups

If you would like to collaborate, please contact lara friedman lara@socialenterprise.academy | +44 (0) 131 243 2670 | www.socialenterprise.academy

For individuals, teams or whole organisations looking to take space to think about their current needs and develop themselves so they are better placed to serve the sector.

Coaching & Organisational development

Up to three 1 hour sessions with an experienced coach.Time and space with an experienced coach and leader to think about what individuals or their teams need right now and what the crisis means for how they lead and work together. Explore how they want to respond to the current situationTalk about the challenges and difficulties emerging as an individual or as a teamBuild the team’s capacity to have coaching conversations together when the coach steps back - creating a sustainable process for the team

Modularised sessions with a maximum of 12 learners spread over multiple weeks.Leading Remotely Rebuilding Income StreamsManaging Change Facilitated through a combination of live learning sessions and utilising our online learning platform. These programmes will feature pre-and post-programme interactive learning activities, to maximise the benefit of the live and interactive sessions. They will be complemented with online curated resources and tools which learners can access on-demand.

Sharing Ideas Internationally*Insert: how many people, hours, days etc.Groups that help leaders in Scotland to learn from and with our global colleagues to challenge our thinking and provoke innovation in response to Covid-19. Re-imagine what could be possible for their sectorIdentify how they might (or currently are) responding innovatively to the current situation Find ways to move through the current situation to stabilisation and recovery.

Two sessions of 2 hours each spread over multiple weeks.Building virtual capacity enabling organisations to engage effectively with, consult and reach out to their stakeholders and communities Skill up staff to deliver interactive and participative virtual community and stakeholder engagements and consultations as if they were “in the room”. Build confidence in virtual technology to maintain meaningfully connected with stakeholders and the community they serve

Engaging effectively with stakeholders and community

Leadership programmes

Coaching for individuals & Teams