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By acting as a catalyst for change in attitude and practice the CaLP will ensure that Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) is routinely considered as a scalable component of quality, timely and appropriate preparedness , emergency response and early recovery. CaLP will work to contribute to the achievement of its overall goal by implementing activities across four main outcomes.

Institutional capacity

Leadership and coordination

Operational research

Inclusive collaboration

Humanitarian actors have developed institutional capacity to design, implement, monitor, evaluate and coordinate quality and appropriate CTPs, including multi-purpose / multi-sectoral CTPs.

Humanitarian actors utilise operational research as an evidence base to design, implement, monitor, evaluate and coordinate CTP.

Humanitarian actors collaborate with non-humanitarian actors to ensure CTP builds on and complements wider preparedness and recovery approaches.

Leadership and coordination structures for the incorporation of CTP in humanitarian action are clear and consider preparedness, accountability, mechanisms and operational partnerships to enhance the rapid adoption of CTP in the early stages of emergency response.