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Feedback ratings See all feedback https://www.ebay.com/fdbk/feedback_pr... Judo.Actions conducted mainly by the legs. In 2009, Kashivazaki held a seminar in Russia in the city of St. Petersburg. Here is the third part of the seminar. In the third film, the main theme is the techniques, conducted mainly by the legs. In Japanese terminology, this is the section ashi-waza. Explaining the footwork technique for different throws, Kashivazaki always reiterated that footwork increases the chance of dealing with a strong opponent. It is necessary to start teaching children from the section ashi-waza. Much attention in the film is given to the foot sweeps section, as well as the technique of ko-soto-gari. Kashivazaki gave this explanation for taking ko-soto-gari. According to statistics of competitions held in Japan, ko-soto-gari action is used most often. In the course of the seminar, Kashivazaki constantly addressed the topic of how to teach children these techniques, what exercises to give. The film will be useful for coaches working with children, for athletes studying techniques from the foot sweep section. See all feedback https://www.ebay.com/fdbk/feedback_pr... В 2009 году Кашивазаки проводил семинар в России в городе Санкт-Петербург. Перед вами третья часть семинара. В третьем фильме основная тема это – приёмы, проводимые преимущественно ногами. В японской терминологии - это раздел ashi-waza. Объясняя технику работы ног для разных бросков Кашивазаки всегда повторял, что работа ногами повышает шанс справиться с сильным противником. Начинать обучение детей надо с раздела ashi-waza. Большое внимание в фильме уделено разделу подсечки, а так же приёму ko-soto-gari. Для приёма ko-soto-gari Кашивазаки дал такое объяснение. По статистике проводимых соревнований в Японии приём ko-soto-gari используется чаще всего. В процессе проведения семинара Кашивазаки постоянно обращался к теме, как учить детей этим приёмам, какие давать упражнения. Фильм будет полезен для тренеров работающих с детьми, для спортсменов изучающих приёмы из раздела подсечки. https://kfvideo.ru/ https://www.ebay.com/usr/kfvideo https://kfvideo.com/ http://2015kallista.com/ https://www.ebay.com/usr/kfvideo https://kfvideo.ecrater.com/ https://kfvideo.ru/index.php/en/ https://kfvideo.com/ https://kallista-film.bonanza.com/


Judo in Japan

Judo. Kashivazaki. Equipment and technique of the Japanese judo.

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Technician of the Japanese judo Katsukhiko Kashivazaki.

In 2009, Katsuhiko Kashivazaki conducted a judo seminar for coaches in the city of St. Petersburg. This collection contains all 5 films. Conducting a seminar, Kashivazaki touched upon three main topics: the ground fighting technique (newaza), the fight for grappling technique (kumikata), and the other techniques conducted mainly by the legs (ashi-waza). Kashivazaki is a great specialist in the technique of ground fighting. Therefore, 3 films are devoted to ground fighting and two films are devoted to judo techniques and the struggle for capture. Kashivazaki showed a lot and explained each judo technique. He always returned to the topic of children's judo. Showed exercises for teaching children. The seminar will be useful primarily for coaches working with children and teenagers, as well as for experienced athletes.

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