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Laura Moore


Instructional Technology SpecialistNEISD

Utilize Your Curriculum in a Digital Space

SEL/Relationship Building

Organize and Deliver Content

Practice/Student Development



An online library of professional learning videos and resources that support learning and teaching with technology.

5 Areas to Master When Transitioning to a Successful Distance Learning or Blended Learning Environment


Learn anytime, anywhere with archived online courses.

Virtual Support

Schedule a 1:1 video conferencing appointment to ask questions or to get help immediately.



Coaching Cycle

Schedule a time to request a personalized learning pathway that meets the needs of your students.

Assess (formative and summative) in a variety of waysUse success criteria to monitor student progress throughout the lessonProvide immediate feedbackDifferentiate assessments for the individual needs of the learners

Develop skills to transition or extend your classroom learning to the virtual environment of a Learning Management System (LMS)Use a variety of digital features for students to interact with curriculum


Develop, build, and maintain a safe digital environment for learningCreate opportunities for students to collaborate virtuallyVirtual student check-ins on well-being

Use identified power standards to organize content online so that information is scaffolded and builds in complexityDeliver instruction online that engages and is effective (Synchronous/Asynchronous)Learn to leverage learning targets online (Synchronous/Asynchronous)Deliver digestible amounts of content appropriate for age

Provide purposeful practice for students through student creation, communication, collaboration, and critical thinkingProcess learning through gradual release of responsibility, metacognition strategies, differentiated learning, personalized learning, and PBL