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Race to the Finish!




Roll the Dice, move your player, do that activity

The first one to the finish WINS!

Created By: Marlee Corcoran

Do 10 Jumping Jacks

Do 10 Squats

Do 10 Push Ups

Do 10 Burpees

Do 10 Mountain Climbers

Do 20 Forward Arm Circles

Run on the spot with High Knees for 20 Seconds

Do 10 Lunges - switching which leg goes in front

Do 10 Side Lunges - Alternate sides each time

Do a Plank for 30 seconds

Do a Wall Sit for 30 seconds (count to 30 if you don't have a timer)

Do 10 Tuck Jumps

Balance on each foot for 10 seconds

Hop on each foot 10 times

Jump up and down 10 times

Touch Your Knee To Your Elbow 10 Times Each Side

Do 20 Backward Arm Circles

Do 10 Calf Raises

Jog on the spot for 30 seconds

Do 20 Heel Taps

Do 10 leg lifts on each side

Do 10 Toe Touches

Dance it out for 30 Seconds

Pretend you are jumping rope for 30 seconds

Do 10 Skater Jumps