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Do you want a cup of coffee? Maybe you prefer tea?

I need my magnifying glass to see the small islands!

Hum... I'm fond of cookies with chocolate chunks!

I love taking notes when I travel to keep good memories!

Be curious and discover more about English-speaking countries. Maybe one day you will go there! Don't hesitate to click on images, there is information everywhere for you!

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Where am I? This is a very famous stone circle in the south of England. It's very old! You don't know? Well, it's Stonehenge!

This is a view from my favourite city in England: Oxford. There are many old universities. Here is the Bridge of Sights, it has the same name of a bridge in Venice.

I'm in Windsor, one of the residences of Queen Elizabeth! I'm standing next to a horse guard.

This is a medieval street in the city of York, in the north of England, called "the Shambles". There are many Harry Potter shops because J.K. Rowling got inspiration of this street to create Diagon Alley (le Chemin de Traverse) where wizards go shopping.

Welcome to the British Isles

The countries of the British Isles are small but amazing! Here is a graphic to remember their composition:

The flag is called the Union Jack.

The USA: Uncle Sam's country

Discover the best places in the USA here:

There are 50 states in the USA.

On the flag, there are 50 stars which correspond to the 50 states.

Canada: The Great White North

Canada is the largest country in North America.

Discover the 10 best places here:

Do you know how maple syrup is made? Click on the image!

Hockey is the national sport in Canada!

South Africa: the 'Rainbow Nation'

This is Nelson Mandela (1918 - 2013). He was a president of South Africa and fought against Apartheid (racial segregation).

South Africa was a British colony after being independent. That's why they speak English among 10 other languages.

Discover the country here:

Colourful India

Before, India was governed by the British Empire. But, it became independent in 1947.

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Have you ever watched a Bollywood film? There is a lot of music and dancing!

The country "Down Under"

Discover the best places to see in Australia here:

Arghhh a red-back! I hate spiders!

Aussie is my home! I love it! Come and see!

Do you like swimming? Beware of the sharks... They are hungry!

New Zealand, 'Aotearoa': The land of the Kiwi people

Discover the best places to see in New Zealand here: