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Using Kanopy (Apple and Android)

Learn how to use Kanopy on your Apple or Android device


Kanopy is a film streaming service offering access to a large, curated collection of films that are educational, entertaining, and enriching.


Library members receive 10 free play credits each month. Each film you watch uses one play credit and each play credit grants you 72 hours access to watch the film as many times as you like. Kanopy requires an Internet connection to stream films.


Getting StartedRegisteringLogging InBrowsingPlaying a FilmSearchingMy ListsKanopy KidsSettingsGetting Help

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What you will need

Member Number


By default, your PIN will be your date of birth DDMMYYYY.

Kanopy App

If you have a library card, your member number is located on the back of your card starting with a capital S. If you are a digital member, your member number starts with 555. If your member number starts with S, you must use a capital S when logging in.


Open the App Store and search for Kanopy.

Tap 'Get' to begin download, then tap Open.



Open Play Store and search for Kanopy.

Tap 'Install' to begin download, then tap Open.


Tap Get Started to begin.

Tap Find Library.

Search for Shoalhaven and tap Shoalhaven Library Service.



Enter your Member Number and your PIN, then tap Next.

Sign up with Google/Facebook or enter your name, email and password in the provided form. Tap Sign Up.You will receive an email asking you to verify your account. Visit your email inbox to verify, then return to the Kanopy app to complete registration.


Your PIN (DDMMYYYY) does not contain slashes, hyphens or dots.

Your member number must start with a capital S or 555.


Tap Log In.

Enter your email and password, then tap Log In.



The front screen of the app displays highlighted categories including newly added, trending, popular movies, award winners and more. To see more highlighted categories, scroll down. Tap See More to see more films from the category.

You can also browse all categories by tapping Browse from the bottom menu bar.


This number indicates how many play credits you have remaining for the month. You get 10 play credits per month.

You can browse films by category. Tapping on a category will reveal more categories to select.


To play a film, tap the cover of the film then tap the orange play button.

You can read a synopsis of the film or you can add to your watchlist for later viewing.


When you tap Watchlist, it will by added to My Lists which is accessible from the bottom menu bar. You can also view films you have started watching from the Continue Watching section.


Once the film has started, enable captions by tapping the middle of the screen then tapping the captions icon.

If you would like to cast the movie to your smart TV, Apple TV or Chromecast, tap the cast button.


Tap on language from menu to enable captions.

If a device is available to be casted to, it will show up in this list. Tap on device name to begin casting.


To search for a particular film or category, tap the Search icon on the bottom menu bar.

Enter a search term. Results will be displayed. You can filter results by Subjects, People or Companies



To access your lists, tap on My Lists from the bottom menu bar.

You can view your Continue Watching list or My Watchlist.


To add a film to My Watchlist, tap on the cover of a film then tap Watchlist.


To access Kanopy Kids, tap the More icon on the bottom menu bar and tap Go to Kanopy Kids.


Kanopy Kids is a curated collection of children's films for ages 2 and up, with a focus on ages 2-8. Kanopy Kids has unlimited play credits.

Kanopy Kids functions the same as normal Kanopy for browsing, searching and playing films.To Exit, tap on More and tap Exit Kanopy Kids.


To access Settings, tap the More icon on the bottom menu bar and tap Settings.


You can enable or disable cellular (mobile phone) data, change your video quality, permanently enable closed captions or adjust parental control settings.

If you turn this off, you will only be able to stream films over a Wi-Fi connection.

With parental control enabled, when exiting Kanopy Kids, a PIN will need to be entered. To set up PIN, visit http://kanopy.com/parentalcontrols, log in with your username and password, then set your PIN.Step 1: Turn on Parental ControlsStep 2: Enter a PIN of your choice and tap SAVE PIN..


To access Kanopy Help, tap the More icon on the bottom menu bar and tap Help.


Please contact the library on 02 4429 3705 or library@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au if you require further help from library staff.

Kanopy uses a pay-per-view model, and Shoalhaven Libraries’s subscription works on a monthly cap. When that cap is reached, access to Kanopy will be unavailable. Don’t worry, though – it will become available again on the first day of the next month.

I have play credits available, but I cannot play a film.

Visit one of our nearest branches with your device to receive help setting up Kanopy on your device. Please ensure you have your Apple ID log in details.

I need help setting this up.

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