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January 21st

COVID-19 reported in Washington state, first confirmed case in the United States

January 29th

Trump announces the formation of the White House Coronavirus task Force

January 31st

Trump issues Proclamation 9984, which suspended entry for foreign nationals who had traveled in mainland China in the past two weeks

February 29th

March 1st

Gov. DeSantis announces that the first two Floridians have tested positive for coronavirus.

March 2nd

Seminole County announces a local state of emergency.

March 27th

April 1st

April 17th

April 18th

Florida stay-at-home order takes effect.

State labs in Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami gain the capabilities to process COVID-19 tests

Seminole County issues a social-distancing mandate, President Trump signs the CARES Act into law

DeSantis announces that schools will remain closed for the remainder of the academic year.

DeSantis allows certain beaches across Florida to reopne despite stay at home order that goes until hte 30th