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COVID-19 cases in Mid-Missouri counties

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COVID-19 in Mid-Missouri

Totals provided for Mid-Missouri counties only. Data from county health departments is used if it's up-to-date and available. Where county data is not available, state totals are used.

BOONE COUNTYTotal cases: 15,395Recovered: 14,613Active: 717Deaths: 65Hospitalized: 100Current orders: Reopening plan, Phase 2, Step 3; Columbia mask ordinanceSource: Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services

AUDRAIN COUNTYTotal cases: 1,609Active: 85Recovered: 1,479Hospitalized: 3Deaths: 45Source: Audrain County Health Department

CALLAWAY COUNTYTotal cases: 3,504Active: 411Recovered: 3,060Deaths: 33Source: Callaway County Health Department

COLE COUNTYTotal cases: 7,437Deaths: 90*Because of how the health department reports numbers, cases in nursing homes are not counted in the active or recovered totals.Source: Cole County Health Department

MONITEAU COUNTYTotal cases: 1,806Recovered: 1,728Active: 52Deaths: 26Hospitalizations: 4Source: Moniteau County Public Health Center

COOPER COUNTYTotal cases: 1,662Active: 75Recovered: 1,566Deaths: 21Hospitalized: 7Source: Cooper County Public Health Center

MONTGOMERY COUNTYTotal cases: 933Active: 55Recovered: 865Deaths: 22Source: Montgomery County Health Department

HOWARD COUNTYTotal cases: 981Active: 32Recovered: 945Hospitalized: 1Deaths: 4Source:Howard County Public Health Department

OSAGE COUNTYTotal cases: 1,461Recovered: 1,367Active: 85Deaths: 9Source: Osage County 911/Emergency ManagementTotal cases information update via Missouri Dashboard.

MARIES COUNTYTotal cases: 717Active: 39Recovered: 664Deaths: 14Source: Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services;Phelps-Maries County Health Department

MILLER COUNTYTotal cases: 2,332Active: 47Recovered: 2,235Deaths: 50Source:Miller County Health Center

MORGAN COUNTYTotal cases: 1,612Active: 28Recovered: 1,553Hospitalized: 4Deaths: 31Source: Morgan County Health Center

CHARITON COUNTYTotal cases: 755Active: 53Recovered: 686Deaths: 16Source: Chariton County Health Center

RANDOLPH COUNTYTotal cases: 1,872Active: 78Recovered: 1,766Deaths: 28Hospitalized: 9Source: Randolph County Health Department

SALINE COUNTYTotal cases: 2,484Active: 155Recovered: 2,282Died: 47Source: Saline County Health Department,Saline County COVID-19 Dashboard

PETTIS COUNTYTotal cases: 4,592Active: 323Recovered: 4,201Deaths: 68Hospitalized: 9Current orders: Emergency health ruleSource: Pettis County Health Center

CAMDEN COUNTYTotal cases: 3,492Active: 453Recovered: 2,974Deaths: 65Source: Camden County Health Department,Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services