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COVID 19. RETURN TO SCHOOL. YOU LEFT THE SCHOOL. It's been a long time since. DISTANCE LEARNING. you've been working hard through. and you've missed your friends very much. MANY things have changed. . YOU MUST FOLLOW THE PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES AND INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN BY THE SCHOOL. in order to be able to prevent the spread of the virus. . . TO KEEP EVERYONE HEALTHY. YOU. FRIENDS. FAMILY. TEACHERS. Before and after the break. THE GOLDEN RULE IS. wASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP. 03. 02. Before and after every lessons. 01. When you arrive at school and when you leave. 04. When your teacher asks you. . YOU SHOULD wASH YOUR HANDS FOR 20 SECONDS. . which corresponds to the length of the song"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU". . DON'T SHARE FOOD OR DRINK. . . you'll have more for you!!. DON'T SHARE THE SCHOOL SUPPLIES. you're responsible for your own equipment. . MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEEDWITH YOU!. . . . DO NOT USE THE COAT RACK. . . YOU CAN TAKE YOUR JACKET WITH YOU IN THE CLASSROOM. . . . AVOID CLOSE CONTACT. 2 m. EVEN IF YOU WEAR A MASK. . . . EVEN IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN YOUR FRIEND FOR A LONG TIME. 2 m. . . . . Follow the directions on the ground and walk in a single file. . . 2 m. 2 m. 2 m. 2 m. 2 m. . . . AVOID SHAKING HANDS OR KISSING. . . . . AVOID TOUCHING EACH OTHER. . The mask is obligatory since April 20th. is used as a complement to the other precautionary measures. HOW TO USE A MASK. . . . . Before putting a mask on,wash your hands with soap and water. HOW TO USE A MASK. . . . . Hold the mask by the loops and place a loop around each ear. Put the bottom of the mask over your mouth and chin. HOW TO USE A MASK. . . . Avoid touching your mask while wearing it. The germs will get onto your hands. HOW TO USE A MASK. . . . When remouving the mask,hold both loops and gently lift to remove the mask. HOW TO USE A MASK. . . . Dispose of the face mask after each use. Never reuse it if the mask is not washable. HOW TO USE A MASK. . . . Wash your hands thoroughly. WHY USE A MASK?. . Droplets of saliva suspended in the air during a conversation or as a result of sneezing can transmit the virus. . . . WHY USE A MASK?. . . . . . WHY USE A MASK?. . . . . Wearing a mask can thus help to preventtrasmission of the virus by people who are unknowingly carriers of the virus anhelp to slow the spreadof the virus. WHY USE A MASK?. . . . . . . . . . . TRY TO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE . . It takes one touch for the virus on your fingers to slip into your body through your. EYES. NOSTRIL. MOUTH. HEAR. TO OPEN A DOOR IN THE SCHOOL. . . . . . You shouldn't useyour hand. but rather yourstrong arm. or wait for an adult to open the door for you.. You should not be scared. . TEACHERS. NURSE. PEDAGOGICALADVISOR. ALL THE SCHOOL STAFF. A lot of people are there to help you. Don't Hesitate to ask question. . WE'LL BE HAPPY TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE. . . . AVOID TO BE IN GROUP. THIS WILL INCREASE THE RISK OF CONTAMINATION. . . . The school has been set up to ensure your safety and the security distance. In the classrooms. In the corridors. At the entranceof the school. . your actions affect everyone's safety. . . BE RESPECTFUL. . THANKS. .