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Hello everyone!! Are you ready to start the ENGLISH VIRTUAL WEEK ??,©Illustration by Sílvia Morilla (@sibilamorilla)❤️❤️❤️,You'll find a new challenge every day, from Monday to Thursday. And a special surprise on Friday!,ENGLISH WEEK CHALLENGE,,MONDAY,TUESDAY,WEDNESDAY,THURSDAY,FRIDAY,CHALLENGE #1,ENGLISH DAY SUPERSONG,Do you like singing?? Record a video where you sing along your favourite song IN ENGLISH, maximum 15 seconds.REMEMBER! You can’t show your face (you can use a mask,show a photo of the singer while you sing…)Send it to your teacher, please!,back to the beginning,back to the beginning,CHALLENGE #2,ARE YOU READY TO SHUFFLE?,Are you ready to shuffle?? If you don’t know what shuffle means, have a look at these twovideos and practice some steps to learn howto shuffle your legs!Can you do any of these steps? Come on, let’s try it!!! If you did it, please, send a video to your teacher with your name and thesentence “Shuffle challenge achieved”. For example: “Ester. ShuffleChallenge achieved”.IMPORTANT!!! Remember to record only your legs!!!,WATCH VIDEO 1,WATCH VIDEO 2,back to the beginning,CHALLENGE #3,ART INCERDANYOLA,Can you do a picture of your favourite work of art in Cerdanyola? Try one, draw it colourfully and beautifully and tell us why is it your favourite.Make a drawing with a text, take a photo of it and send it to your teacher.Enjoy the challenge and be creative!!,,back to the beginning,CHALLENGE #4,TRUTH OR MYTH?,Can you tell fact from fiction? Challenge your knowledge and intuition skills with thisquiz about Cerdanyola and British Culture.We also encourage you to create your own ‘truth or fiction’ fact andsend it to us! On paper, video, audio… you decide how to do it (not smoke signals yet, please) Remember not to show your face if you record a video!,CLICK TO GO TO THE QUIZ,back to the beginning,,A FRIDAY FULL OF ACTIVITIES!!!!,,THIS IS THE OFFICIAL POSTER OF THE 5th ENGLISH DAY,,AND THESE ARE THE BOYS AND GIRLS WHO MADE IT,,LISTEN TO THE SUPER SONGS,,SHUFFLE TIME!,,ART IN CERDANYOLA,,TRUTH OR MYTH,,AND NOW, GRAB SOME POPCORN AND WATCH A MOVIE!,Thanks for your participation!,©Illustration by Sílvia Morilla ❤️❤️❤️