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20 months project monitoring

SHui project

COVID-19 lockdownThe pandemic is also affecting SHui, with:Field and laboratory experiments postponedPartners now adapting to work from homeRestrictions to the mobility of researchersLimited interaction between EU and Chinese partners

Plan of telematics actions for the next 12 months1. Telematic WP update meeting each 2 months2. Telematic meeting of Project Secretariat3. Celebration of planned/cancelled workshops4. Telematic review meeting with Project Officer5. General Assembly meeting July 2020 planned in Beijing6. Project Board meeting. December 20207. Training workshop for young scientists through webinars

1st Periodic ReportFirst periodic report (18 months) have been sent to the European Comission.Financial reports shows these total amounts:Direct personnel costs: 945,615.84 €Other direct costs: 152,113.96 €Indirect costs: 274,432.47 €Total costs: 1.372.162.27 €Technical report explains:Explanation of the work carried out by the beneficiaries and Overview of the progressUpdate of the plan for exploitation and dissemination of resultUpdate of the data management planDesviation from planned tasks and use of resourcesNew threat due to COVID-19

Deliverables and Milestones finalized with success and delivered to the EC during this period. Documents are available in:https://owncloud.gwdg.de/index.php/apps/files/dir=/SHui%20Project/General%20Information&fileid=386726836Deliverables:D1.5 First full report of data platform structure and first-users feedbackD4.2 First version of best management recommendationsD5.3 Meta-Analysis of approaches of cost benefit analysisD7.2 Elaboration and deliver of the first Annual Meeting ReportMilestones:MS5 Model outputs from plot/ hydrological models based on WP1 dataMS14 Timetable for stakeholder open Discussion Focus Group meeting released on the internet

Focus groupDuring last months WP5 has celebrated two Focus Group with stakeholders in Austria and Israel planned in the project.Austria 20 November 2019Israel 4 December 2019Two more have been cancelled due to lockdown. Consortium is looking for options for continuing the schedule. It could be each partner contacts with local farmers and celebrate meeting telematically.