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This resource center is your first source for information about conducting activities and getting involved in the variety of programs offered by SPE.Contact chapters@spe.org with questions.,Student Chapter Officers Resource Center,Index,Finance,Communications and Marketing,Operations and Governance,Membership,Events and Activities,Update Officer Roster,Quick Links,Membership Builder,InformzBroadcast Email,Annual Report,Awards,Timeline,Operations and Governance,Officer RolesSuccession Planning and ElectionsOperating RegulationsSPE PoliciesSPE Strategy and Goal SettingHealth CheckAnnual Report and AwardsSection and Faculty Advisor SupportTimeline and Deadlines,Check your inbox for the quarterly officer eUpdate which features program spotlights, success stories, deadline reminders, new resource announcements, and upcoming events. ,Officer Roles,The Faculty Advisor is not a core officer or voting position, but a required position for all chapters.All student chapters are required to appoint a minimum of 3 of these core officers in order to remain compliant.All officers should be SPE members in good standing and should be added to the online Additional positions can be appointed as appropriate.,Operations and Governance,PresidentVice President Membership Chairperson Secretary Treasurer ,The student chapter board should include 5 at-large, voting positions, which are: ,View full list of core officer positons and responsibilities,Officer recruitment best practices,officer roster.,It is recommended that board officer terms should be a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 3 years. To allow for succession planning it is recommended terms of service are staggered. All voting officer roles (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Chairperson) should be open for re-election after the term time ends. If at any time during the term a board member resigns, the chapter President should select a member to fill the vacancy for the remaining term. If the President resigns, the Vice-President should become the President and appoint another member as Vice-President. Election processes take many different forms when comparing those from chapters around the world, often influenced by cultural differences as well as university laws and regulations. SPE has put together of an election process which chapters are recommended to adopt where possible, to aid transparency and fair recruitment process.One of the challenges when it comes to succession planning, is ensuring information gets effectively transferred from outgoing to incoming officers. Thus it is even more important to think carefully about how your student chapter stores its information and how this can be made accessible to your successors. We recommend using for file sharing, or another cloud-based shared drive (for example Google Drive or OneDrive) so record transfer is straightforward and available to all officers.,Succession Planning and Elections,Operations and Governance,guidelines,Operating Regulations,Additional policies and operating guidelines should also be maintained by the student chapter, and should include information on the following areas:,Operating regulations are a governing document for the management and activities of the chapter. They are an agreement between your student chapter and your members.Student chapters are required to agree to the at the time of annual report submission. Any changes to these regulations require approval from SPE. Operating regulations should be clear, concise and non-restrictive and should include details on the board structure, election rules, amendments, and dissolution clauses.,Operations and Governance,Board position descriptions and responsibilities Board meeting frequency and processCommittee detailsDetails on succession and term datesFinancial rules and managing reservesRefund/event cancellation,standard SPE operating regulations,Board Meeting Agenda Template,Student chapters must comply with SPE policies. For a full overview of all policies to which individual members of chapters must comply, visit the,SPE Policies,Operations and Governance,The following policies are specific to council, section, and student chapter operations:,policies and procedures page., Email Policy for Sections, Student Chapters, and Councils, Insurance and Alcohol Guidelines, Policy to Establish and Maintain an SPE Student Chapter, Section and Student Chapter Events Guidelines,Operations and Governance,Membership,Knowledge Transfer,SPE Strategy and Goal Setting,SPE content and community are seamlessly accessible online.,SPE members understand and are inspired by our industry’s contributions to society and represent the industry positively to the public.,SPE membership and engagement is valued by oil and gas industry professionals from diverse technical specialties.,Professional Pride,SPE provides a robust selection of cross-disciplinary, life-long learning opportunities that are well respected and sought after by oil and gas industry technical professionals,Life-long Learning,The current strategic plan was approved by the SPE International Board of Directors in March 2018 and focuses on four areas where the Board believed that SPE could potentially do more to move us to a new level of success and provide additional service to both members and industry. The four strategic priorities are:,All chapter officers globally are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the strategic plan and ensure local activities and practices are in line with the mission, vision, core values and strategic direction of the organization.,SPE Strategic Plan,Setting SMART goals to achieve your strategy,Operations and Governance,01,Health Checks,It is expected that all chapters meet certain requirements to maintain their status of an SPE Student Chapter. From 2018 onwards, the compliance process has been replaced by the Student Chapter Annual Health Check, in which all student chapters will be assessed as to whether they have met the minimum requirements and have performed to a satisfactory level on other performance metrics. Low-performing student chapters will be considered ‘at risk’ and may be placed on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) for the upcoming year--or disestablished at the discretion of the Regional Director and SPE staff. Refer to the following documents to ensure your chapter meets all criteria by 1 December.,Policy to Establish and Maintain an SPE Student Chapter,Checklist for Annual Student Chapter Health Check,Timeline for Annual Student Chapter Health Check,Awards,Annual Reports,Each year, student chapters must submit an annual report, as part of their minimum requirements. Login details are sent to the President approximately six weeks before the deadline. The best reports succinctly summarize activities which further SPE’s mission. They describe how well-rounded activities impacted members and often include new, innovative ideas. Annual report submission deadline: 1 May –,Annual Reports and Awards ,Examples of award-winning annual reports may be viewed in the annual report best practices.,Operations and Governance,Begin or edit your annual report.,SampleAnnual Report,It is important that sections and student chapters establish strong relationships with each other to aid the transition from student-to-professional members and cultivate the next generation of section leaders and engineers. Sections may choose to sponsor one or more student chapters. In doing so, the section commits to assisting the student chapter with training, mentoring, planning activities, and providing financial support. Eligible sponsoring sections may claim student support funds as part of their annual rebates. Funds are not sent directly to student chapters. Sections must indicate in their annual report that they provide financial support to students.,Operations and Governance,Section Support,Section Best Practices for Sponsoring a Student Chapter,Student Chapter Liaison ,Operations and Governance,The student chapter liaison is a professional member of the sponsoring section whoworks closely with the faculty advisors and chapter officers to help local students transition into professional members by encouraging participation in section activities.,Maintaining frequent contact with the faculty advisor and chapter officers Offering suggestions for field trips, speakers, etc. Encouraging section members to participate in student chapter activities Inviting student members to attend section activities Attending student chapter officer meetings when possible Working with chapter officers to develop a recruitment and retention strategy Encouraging students to apply for society-sponsored scholarships Reporting to the section board any pertinent information to support the student chapter Helping local students transition into professional members by encouraging participation in activities,Responsibilities include:,Operations and Governance,01,Faculty Advisor,As a staff member of the university academic community and SPE, the Faculty Advisor provides a communications link between the student chapter, the university, and the sponsoring SPE section. The Faculty Advisor serves as a guide for the students in developing and implementing goals, objectives, and programs.As members of the student chapter will change from year to year, the Faculty Advisor is the constant link between the student chapter and the section.Whenever possible, the Faculty Advisor should be an officer of the section board.,Operations and Governance,In addition to submitting an annual report, chapters have other responsibilities throughout the year relating to their participation in the programs, applying for scholarships, renewing membership and keeping officer rosters up to date.Never miss a deadline again by adding those important dates to your diary.,Timeline and Deadlines,Timeline and Deadlines,Best PracticesTreasurer's RoleAuditing Financial RecordsFundraising,Finance,Best Practices ,All funds generated by sections, student chapters, and councils should be used to further the mission of the society of disseminating technical knowledge. The goal of the society is the dissemination of technical information rather than generating surplus funds. Programs should be self-sufficient and budgeted to break even. As the funds belong to your members, it is important you are transparent with your financials. Budgets should be shared with your members for review, so they are aware of how funds will be used for the year. After the approval of an annual budget, the membership should be provided quarterly updates with actuals to budget. Being transparent with your members also protects you as an officer. Funds should be used for the overall benefit of the membership. As such, typically it is not an appropriate use of chapter funds to pay for an officer’s travel to attend events for professional development.,Finance,Budgeting Best Practices,Receive and disburse funds as approved by the Faculty Advisor Complete annual financial statement to include with the annual report Provide financial reports and make recommendations on the management of your student chapter’s finances Reconcile all accounts and prepare the annual operating budget,It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to manage the student chapter’s finances, which includes the following:,Finance,Treasurer,Your audit should take place before each new Treasurer assumes office.We recommend having your Faculty Advisor andPresident conduct an informal audit to ensure an orderly transfer of financial records.,Finance,Auditing Financial Records,Lost contact/no officers Absence of financial reporting Large cash balances Large, unexplained reduction in cash balance,To mitigate risk to SPE, a student chapter may be audited at any time.Key indicators to SPE that an audit is needed include:,Finance,Fundraising,Student chapters may engage in fundraising activities provided they do not obligate SPE to debt or defamation.The following resources are a good place to begin with seeking monetary support:,Your sponsoring section Local companies Your university,To obtain funding to participate in an external event, refer to the,guide for requesting sponsorship for event attendance.,Membership Dues CycleGraduating Students to ProfessionalsStudent SupportMembership BuilderVolunteerismLocal Recognition Resources ,Membership,Membership Dues Cycle,The SPE membership year is January through December. Even though student members may opt for free membership, there is still a requirement to renew membership each year to continue to receive benefits and have access to resources. Throughout the year, SPEI runs an extensive campaign to encourage members globally to renew their membership.,Student chapters are strongly encouraged to run internal renewal campaigns along similar timelines as SPEI’s campaign to maximize the impact of the message and to ensure members renew by the end of the year. SPE offers free membership for the first year after graduation, so it is worthwhile reminding soon-to-graduate students of this advantage. Local campaigns can be made very effective through a combination of email, call, and face-to-face approaches.,Membership,Dues Renewal Timeline,Membership,01,SPE offers a wide range of complimentary professional membership benefits when they graduate.By becoming a professional member, recent graduates can advance their career through networking opportunities with more senior professionals within the section, new leadership, and volunteer opportunities to engage in and access to technical information through resources such as SPE Connect, journals, technical conferences, and webinars.Recent graduates do not have to have a job in the industry to convert to professional membership; in fact, becoming a professional member can help with career advancement and securing their first job in the industry. Hence, student chapters are encouraged to work closely with their sponsoring section to ensure a smooth transition from student to professional member.,Graduating Student-to-Professionals,Read more,Membership,Young Member Engagement Commmittee,Student Support,YMEC is the global committee who ensure that young professional and student engagement remains a top priority for SPE. YMEC reports directly to the SPE Board of Directors and is responsible for international student activities.,Scholarships and Fellowships,View the available scholarship programs and promote these opportunities to other student members within your student chapter.,Read more,SPEI offers many international programs in which student members can participate, including the Student Paper Contest, PetroBowl, and eMentoring. Student chapters should encourage their members to participate in these to help them develop their technical and soft skills, and prepare them for their professional careers ahead.,Student Programs,Membership,Read more,Each year SPE’s Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) hosts a program specifically tailored for students, which includes the international divisions of the Student Paper Contest, the PetroBowl Championship, Career Pathways Fair, Communication Skills Workshop, Student Meet and Greet, a Student Chapter Officers’Meeting, Student Awards Luncheon, and more. Student chapters should encourage their members to attend ATCE where possible.,01,Membership Builder,Membership,Get to know your members by viewing charts and graphs with current, monthly, and historical data throughThe rosters contain more details about your members including graduation date, field of study, join date, renewal status and more.Membership Builder is available only to chapter officers in good standing with SPE. Please note you will need your SPE.org log-in and password.The information on the rosters may be used only for programs endorsed by SPE. Use or reproduction of the information for commercial purposes or for programs not endorsed by SPE is strictly prohibited and subject to legal action. All data contained within the reports is updated daily.,Membership Builder. ,User Guide,Best Practices,Volunteers are the driving force behind SPE and its activities.Getting the right people to volunteer is not always as easy as it might seem. Ensuring a good match between your volunteers and their responsibilities is essential for making your student chapter’s activities a success. Here are some on how you can drive engagement.,Volunteerism,Membership,Best Practices,Volunteer with SPEI,tips,Providing Local Recognition,Membership,The success of chapters depends greatly on the talents of local volunteers to bring SPE’s vision into reality, and thus it is important to recognize and celebrate those contributions accordingly. Officers may download their own personalized appreciation letters and certificates from their SPE.orgManager letters are also available to be sent as a thanks for supporting employee volunteer activity.After clicking the “Volunteer Service and Letters” link, they may view current and past volunteer activity. Note: Only official official positions are included.,Member Profile. ,Informz Broadcast EmailSocial Media and WebsitesSPE ConnectMarketing TipsLogos, Letterhead, and Business CardseUpdate ,Communications and Marketing,Resources,Membership,Power point presentations are available for your use when recruiting new members. Slides include the benefits of joining SPE as well as information on individual programs. is a thorough presentation that includes SPE's mission and vision statement, strategic priorities, history of SPE, as well as the benefits of being a member. Technical resources, online resources and programs just for students are included. for SPE Programs and Benefits are also available. The slides include Student Paper Contest, PetroBowl, Virtual Career Pathways Fair, and many more. ,Making the Most of Your Membership,Individual slides,Informz Broadcast Email,Communications and Marketing,SPE provides all student chapters with a complimentary broadcast email service, so you can communicate with your members via email. This system includes reporting on the success of your email and ensures compliance with all privacy laws. Due to strengthening privacy laws, all emails related to SPE business must be sent through the broadcast email service. Please do not maintain lists of email addresses.All officers using the broadcast emails service should familiarize themselves with the:,01,Email Policy for Sections and Student Chapters,Log in using your SPE.org credentials,Note: You must have downloaded.,Java,Broadcast email system user guide and video,Data protection best practices,SPEmail Instructions,Social Media and Websites,01,Communications and Marketing,As a global brand, it is important that all student chapters globally are presenting themselves in a similar manner. Doing so will help to create a global brand awareness.Sections and student chapters with a greater online presence work to boost our prestigious organization. Thus, if your student chapter has social media pages, you should follow these tips to ensure you are branding them in the right way.,Social Media Guides,Follow and interact with SPEI on our accounts and use the hashtag #WeAreSPE,Student chapters may choose to create a website to provide a greater online presence. When doing so, all chapters should ensure they adhere to the,Website Guidelines.,#WeAreSPE Highlights,SPE Connect is your online community to meet, collaborate, discuss specific technical challenges and resolutions, or to share your experience and knowledge with other student chapter officers worldwide.,SPE Connect,Communications and Marketing,Guidelines,Engagement Tips,Login,Communication and Escalation Chart,Learn more about,There may be times when individual student members, or the student chapter as a collective, need to raise an issue or complaint beyond the scope of their student chapter.In such cases it may not always be clear who to go to.Ensuring such communications are done through the official channels not only makes the student chapter come across as being professional, it will also ensure the issue or complaint can be dealt with most effectively.,Communications and Marketing,the importance of great communication skills.,Communication and Complaint Escalation Chart,Advertising (print and digital) Public relations Direct mail Search engine Email Social media,Message Tips,Clear, concise, and complete - as well as timely and relevant Answers the questions: “What’s in it for me?” Who, what, why, where, when, and how? Engages the reader or listeners Write as though you were talking to a good friend or colleague Edit later if the message sounds too casual Keep sentences brief Use bullets or spaces for easier reading Proofread for errors,Marketing Tips,Marketing Mediums,Communications and Marketing,broadcast email system.,Good communication with your members will help make your programming more successful. For many members, their chapter is SPE, so chapter communications are a reflection of the Society as a whole. Remember, emails regarding SPE must go through the,Read more,Official student chapter logos, letterhead, and a business card template are provided in the library folder of the Officer Community of SPE Connect.Reference theand the before using the files.You may also download flyers and other materials from the library folder. Contact chapters@spe.org with member sticker requests.,Logos, Letterhead, and Business Cards,Communications and Marketing,policy on the use of the SPE name and logo,graphics standards,Business Cards,Logos and Letterhead,eUpdate,Communications and Marketing,.SPE sends a quarterly newsletter to all officers to keep them abreast of key information. Included in the eUpdate are tips to help you operate your chapter, as well as success stories of chapters with innovative programs or ideas. Most importantly, these updates include reminders of deadlines, announcements of new resources, and upcoming events. ,Read eUpdates,Communications and Marketing,Data Protection,SPEI offers Section and Chapter Officers access to their member data through tools such as SPE Connect, the email broadcast system and Membership Builder. It is SPEI’s and SPE Officers’ duty to protect the data we maintain and assure our members that the data is used only within the framework of international data protection policies and laws. To find out more about the do's and don’ts when it comes to data protection, refer to the For more information on how SPEI handles your information, view the,Data Protectionest Practices,data protection best practices.,privacy policy.,Events and Activities,Planning an EventOfficer VisitsSourcing SpeakersAdvocacyCommunity Education / Energy4meCommunity Service / SPE Cares,Planning an Event,Events and Activities,Sharing technical knowledge and providing a platform for members to network is one of the keystones of SPE.Student chapters should ensure they provide the right type of events for their local membership, whilst operating in line SPEI's policies.The Events Dos and Don’ts guide outlines best practices when it comes to planning and promoting events locally. You will also find,Home,Do's and Don'ts,Guidelines,Home,Home,Naming Policy,Tips: Hotel Negotiation,Home,Common Terms,Helpful Event Documents,Virtual Meeting Engagement TIps,to help organize virtual events.,Officer Visits,Student chapters may request Presidential or Board Member visits for important events, business development reasons, or to meet the local members. The President’s calendar is finalized in May/June of the year before they are in post, so student chapters are advised to submit requests a year in advance for the next President. Late requests for current Presidents may not be able to be fulfilled. Staff will check availiabilty and follow-up with the requestor.,Events and Activities,Submit a Request,Best Practices,Sourcing Speakers,Speaker Source is an online directory which provides section and student chapter officers a searchable database of professionals willing to travel and share their knowledge through in-person presentations to sections.,Events and Activities,Link,Advocacy,The Society of Petroleum Engineers is occasionally asked to weigh in on issues related to oil and gas policy, regulation, and current events. SPE serves as an objective technical authority for the industry and encourages members to participate in community outreach and education programs that enhance public understanding of the energy industry, and explain technical and economic issues involved in oil and gas exploration and production.,Events and Activities,SPE should be objective and impartial when it comes to political matters and government policy. Under this , there are activities that should not be conducted by SPE, either because they are prohibited by the regulations governing SPE’s non-profit status or because they are outside of the scope of SPE’s mission.,policy,Globally, SPE offers Energy4me in two environments: conducting workshops for teachers and students at many of SPE’s large conferences and exhibitions, and SPE members conduct classroom presentations at their local schools. This You Tube channel contains many videos that demonstrate how to conduct the activities and what questions can be posed to the students.,Events and Activities,Energy Education / Energy4me,Energy4me is SPE’s program that educates students about the oil and gas industry. The primary Energy4me audience is secondary level students, but the program has activities for elementary and middle school students as well. This global energy education program relies on hands-on activities that use simple components to teach complicated engineering functions used in oil and gas exploration and production. Energy4me is a copyrighted program because of these hands-on activities. And, only a program that uses these activities can be called Energy4me.,Contact,Ways to Serve Your Community,Resources,Examples include environmental clean ups, serving in soup kitchens or food banks, visiting nursing homes, holding food drives, home or school makeover, tree planting program, organizing a race or walk, donating clothes, toys, books or household goods to local charity, or volunteering at local animal shelter.,Community Service / SPE Cares,Events and Activities,Student Chapters are encouraged to partake in community service as part of the SPE Cares program. SPE Cares’ objective is to unify and recognize the community services activities that SPE members are already conducting in their respective student chapters and professional sections. Promote SPE Cares in your area by organizing a community service project, partnering with local government and non-government organizations to further community service initiatives, orollaborating with other sections and student chapters worldwide for community service initiatives.,Download the official logo from Connect