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by Agata Jodkowww.tie24.pl

b) I gave you advice.

a) Of course, how can I help you?

I need your advice.

b) Of course, what can I do for you?

a) My favourite ice-cream favour is chocolate.

Can you do me a favour?

b) That's great news!

a) What a pity.

I can't go to the cinema with you.

b) Sorry, cash only.

a) You don't need to pay.

Can I pay by card?

b) I'm sorry to hear that.

a) How do you feel?

My mum doesn't feel well.

b) I think this exercise is difficult.

a) I was thinking of going on holiday.

What are you thinking about?

b) I think that Tom's idea was better.

a) I have an idea.

What do you think about this idea?

b) I didn't mean that.

a) I mean that we should go this way.

What do you mean?

b) Unfortunately no, but I would like to go.

a) I will go there next year.

Have you ever been to the USA?

b) I think we will have fish and chips.

a) We have already eaten lunch.

What's for lunch?