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A piercing headache wakes you up. You don't remember much and everything around you is blurred. The last thing you remember is your urgent learning for a maths test. With your last strength, you force your body to stand up. You manage to get up. You strain your eyes and look around ...,You are approaching the TV. At first glance, it doesn't seem to work ...,You take a piece of old paper from the wall.,You are opening an old dusty book. You find an old piece of paper in it ...,Start,You woke up. It was just a bad dream.,You take a closer look at and notice that doors are closed with a 4-digit code.,Start Again,The door opens with a strange sound ...,&%#ERROR,Back,Prepare a piece of paper, something to write and a calculator.,Move the mouse pointer around the rooms until you find 8 tasks.,Enjoy,To open the door, take THREE BIGGEST answers. Add them together and divide the result by six.,Geometry- revision.