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Revise bloggers unit 3



Lesson 1


Uluru/ Ayers Rock

an aboriginal painting


a tropical rainforest

a waterfall

The Great Barrier Reef

a river

a sea

a park

a mountain

an island

a beach

the Opera House

a bridge

a harbour

a zoo

Landscapes exercise


animals in Autralia

a platypus

a shark

a dolphin

a whale

a koala

a kangaroo

a Tasmanian devil

a seal

a camel

a crocodile

animals in AUSTRALIA


to do bungee jumping

to do snorkelling

to go cycling

to go fishing

to go hiking / trekking

to go kayaking

to kayak

to go paddle boarding

to paddle board

to go white water rafting

to go rock climbing

to go surfing

to surf

to go horse riding

to ride a camel

to fly a kite

to have a hot air balloon ride

to go scuba diving

to spot wildlife

to go (dolphin) spotting (ex)

The end !