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We present the new international TA web

Today, April 17, we are launching the new international website of the Teresian Association as a simple tribute to Pedro Poveda on the date of his ordination and as an echo to the Easter message.


Happy Easter!

Warm greetings!

April 17th, the date of Pedro Poveda priest ordination.

Team:Rosario Marín, director.Inma FábregasMay Neriand the gentle collaboration of Ana Mª García Parra.The team of translators of the TA help us a lot too!And Cecilia Padvalskis is our link person with the TA Governing Council.

All the contents of this website are public.

It has more images and texts are shorter and more straightforward.

Its potential readers are people who may not know us, but with whom we may be in contact occasionally through social media, internet, etc.

The new website links to social media too.The previous TA website is accesible through the linkinstitucionteresiana.com

We live in a global world where more and more people are connected.

This dissemination is a task that can be multiplied with everybody’s collaboration.

We have to spread the news!

It will also serve to present the Association to people who ask for information or to those who are becoming involved in our activities and projects.

And to young people!

In every activity or group where we take part.

Through professional projects and contacts both personal and as TA groups.

Through educational centres, activities and socio-educational projects.

The speed with which digital communication is developing today has made it necessary for us to update the design and content of the website. This is to make it more accessible for those using various kinds of devices.

Haz clic en los dibujos para saber más.

With the possibility to receive a Newsletter.

Various kinds of devices like tablets, mobile phones and laptops, and for those using different browsers.

In English Spanish and hopefully more languages soon!

For those using different browsers. It also caters for a wide range of ages and profiles.

In order to undertake this transition, we have turned to the services of "Sjdigital"

"Sjdigital", the office of the Loyola Communication Group of the Society of Jesus in Spain. They combine their technological know-how with an understanding of the evangelising mission that animates our projects and stimulates our desire for greater dissemination and outreach.

A collaborative project

Responding to the Assembly of All Associations a.e.and the General Assembly 2018 mandate.

The previous website is not closed, you can access by the linkinstitucionteresiana.com

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It is time to enter the new web and navigate through it

We have prepared a tutorial to guide you through the website and its sections.

The new website, which will coexist with the old site, can be accessed through the linkwww.institucionteresiana.orgThe old website will maintain the reserved sections and will continue to be accessible through the linkwww.institucionteresiana.com

If you have any question or query to us, please send us an email toTA Information Departmentinfo@institucionteresiana.org


Now it is your turn, visit the new website!