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Anne Frank

Group 7/8

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In this lesson

  • In part 1. You will learn to answer 10 questions about Anne Frank.
  • In part 2. You will do a lesson made my the Anne Frank stichting, in this lesson you will create a mind-map and work on timelines.
  • For extra hands you will watch the Anne Frank video diaries.
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10 questions about Anne Frank

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Lesson by: Anne Frank stichting


Mind Map


Read Along

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Word Web Draw a picture of Anne Frank Around it write down:

  • 6 words about World War 2
  • 6 words about Anne Frank
Upload your word-web to Linoit. Watch the video on Linoit to see how you can upload a picture to the board.

After hitler’s rise to power in Germany in 1933, the Frank family who are jewish move to the Netherlands. They find a place to live on the Merwedeplein in Amsterdam. Life seems good and safe. Quite a few other German immigrants live in this area. Anne and Margot make friends with other young girls and play with them on the streets. At home they are also happy at their school. Otto Franks’ businesses are doing increasingly well. He has his Opekta business and also sets up Pektakon, a spice company, with Herman van pels another jewish immigrant. The Frank family feels safe but everything changes in May 1940 when German forces invade the Netherlands. Jews start to face endless restrictions. They are not allowed out on the streets after 8 in the evening and can’t ride the trams. They also can’t own businesses. Anne and Margo even have to leave their ordinary school and go to a jewish only school. Otto is worried things will get worse. He is worried that jews won’t be able to live in the Netherlands anymore and that they might even be killed. He doesn’t want to wait for that to happen. He and his business partner Herman van pels decide that they and their families will go into hiding on their business premises on the prinsengracht canal. The building has an empty annex at the back. Otto Frank asks his four employees for their help and cooperation. All of them immediately agree. When Margot is called up to register for a labour camp in Germany the family decide to go into hiding even sooner than planned. A week later the van pels family join them in the hiding place and four months later Fritz Pfeffer becomes the final person to move into the secret annex. 8 people now live in a space measuring 7 square meters. They are all in there together day and night. . They can’t go outside, and during the day they have to stay completely silent and keep the curtains shut. They all have their quirks and habits but they just have to keep up with each other whether they like it or not. It’s a tough challenge especially for a lively 13 year old girl like Anne Frank. Fortunately she is able to unload her feelings into her diary. Her descriptions of life in the secret annex are sharp and witty. She writes about the fear, the arguments, the pettiness and about the inconveniences, the lack of privacy the annoyances, the hunger.

Anne Frank video diary

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