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JUNGKOOK'S HOUSEJK lives here with his mother, step-father and step-brother.

SEOKJIN'S HOUSESJ lives here (presumably with his father)SJ in his father's study

YOONGI'S HOUSEYG lives here with his strict father.

JIMIN'S HOUSEJM lives here with his parents on the 17th floor.

NAMJOON'S CONTAINERNJ lives hereAlso serves as a hideout for the other 6 and is the place where the parties were held.The neighbourhood is on fire according to TH's dreams

SONGJU JEIL MIDDLE SCHOOLJM, TH and JK go to middle school in YR 19JM and TH are classmates.

SONGJU JEIL HIGH SCHOOLSJ joins on 2nd March YR 19YG, HS and NJ also go to this schoolAll the members hangout in an abandoned classroom.

TWO STAR BURGERHS works here after he leaves the orphanage.

CONVENIENCE STORETH works here.Also, he meets the girl shown in theHighlight reel.

SONGJU CULTURAL CENTREJust Dance, a street dance club is located on the 1st floor of the Songju Cultural Centre.HS and JM join this club in Yr 22.

NAE RI GAS STATIONNJ works here during nightHe gets into a fight with a customer and SJ stops him.Also shown in various BTS MVs includingPrologueMV.

SMERALDO FLOWERSmeraldo Flower ShopTranslation of Smeraldo Blog

SONGJU POLICE STATIONNJ and TH went to jail here.

CONSTRUCTION SITEJK attempts suicide from a building in this construction site.

YANGJI ORPHANAGEHS lived here after he was abandoned by his mother at an amusement park till he was nineteen.There is a clover leaf shaped neon sign on it's right side.

YANGJI STREAMJungkook feels comfortable in the darkness of the abandoned riverbank.A Fireworks Festival is held here annually on Aug 30.

RAILWAY TRACKSThe boys were seen hanging out on the railway tracks in INU.It is also where Jinmeets the girlwith the red diary.

NAM-GU MUN-HYEON LIBRARYNamjoon goes to this library during the day.The girl he meetsalso studies there and rides the same bus as he does.