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Effective,Communication Skills,Start,Purpose,Nonverbal,ActiveListening,BeFriendly,Empathy,Respect,Select a topic to continue:,Menu,Is communication simple?,Menu,Discomfort,Tension,Lost Relationships,Menu,Become an effective communicator!,Menu,nonverbal,active listening,be friendly,empathy,respect,N,A,B,E,R,Menu,The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't being said.,Peter Drucker,Menu,Nonverbal Communication,Menu,Face,Arms,Feet,Info,Info,Info,Menu,Select INFO to Continue,Face,Arms,Feet,Incorrect.Please review the information again carefully before proceeding,Info,Info,Info,Menu,1,Open and relaxed,Still and unmoving,Crossed or hidden,The best position for your arms and feet during a conversation is:,3,2,Menu,Right!,Menu,continue,M. Scott Peck,“You cannot truly listen to anyone and do anything else at the same time.”,Menu,Active Listening,Menu,Eye Contact,Ask Questions,Paraphrase,("So what you are saying is...."),Menu,Eye Contact,Ask Questions,Paraphrase,("So what you are saying is...."),Menu,Incorrect.Please review the information again carefully before proceeding.,Nod your head,Use the phrase "So what I think you were saying was...",Which is the best way to show active listening?,1,2,3,Be sure to say "yes" or "uh huh" as they speak,Menu,Right!,Menu,continue,“Use your smile to change the world; don't let the world change your smile.”,Chinese Proverb,Menu,Be Friendly,Menu,Smile,Info,Ask,Info,Info,Talk,Menu,Smile,Ask,Talk,Info,Info,Info,Menu,Incorrect.Please review the information again carefully before proceeding.,Smile and show genuine interest.,1,Stay calm and remain laid back.,2,You must be upbeat and energetic!,Which option is true to show you are friendly?,3,Menu,Right!,Menu,continue,Anonymous,“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.”,Menu,Empathy,Menu,Listen,Understand,Menu,Listen,Understand,Menu,Incorrect.Please review the information again carefully before proceeding.,2,Agree,Understand,1,Interested,Which word best describes what empathy means?,3,Menu,Right!,Menu,continue,“Respect is how to treat everyone.”,Richard Branson,Menu,Respect,Menu,Open Mind,Be Polite,Tone,Menu,Open Mind,Be Polite,Tone,Menu,Incorrect.Please review the information again carefully before proceeding.,2,Addressing people as "Mr." or "Miss",Repeating yourself,An open mind,1,Which of the following is important for respectful dialogue?,3,Menu,Right!,Menu,continue,QUIZ,Are you ready to show what you know?,Start,Menu,Open Mind,Be Polite,Tone,Incorrect.Please review the information again carefully before proceeding.,Menu,Scenario 1,John is talking to Linda about a proposal for work. How can Linda make sure she shows respect for John's ideas?,Menu,1,Agree with most things that John says,3,Make sure and tell John her opinion of his ideas,2,Have an open mind to his ideas,4,Invite others into the conversation,Menu,Right!,continue,Listen,Understand,Incorrect.Please review the information again carefully before proceeding.,Menu,Scenario 2,1,Try to understand her by asking questions and showing respect for her point of view,Agree with her, even though he doesn't fully agree,3,Pam pulled Eddie aside at work and started to complain about their boss. What can Eddie do to show her empathy even though he doesn't agree with her?,Menu,4,Suggest that Pam tell their boss how she is feeling,2,Pass Pam's concerns on to their boss,Menu,Right!,continue,Smile,Ask,Talk,Incorrect.Please review the information again carefully before proceeding.,Info,Info,Info,Menu,Tell the client a lot about himself,1,Give a firm handshake,Scenario 3,3,Bill has interactions with clients that he has never met before. How can he make sure that he comes across as being friendly?,Menu,2,Ask personal questions to find out more about them.,4,Ask them questions and show a genuine interest in their answers.,Right!,Menu,continue,Incorrect.Please review the information again carefully before proceeding.,Menu,Eye Contact,Ask Questions,Paraphrase,("So what you are saying is...."),Increase proximity during conversations,Scenario 4,3,Mandy has been told by client feedback that she isn't a good listener. How can she improve so that the client knows she really is listening?,Take notes during conversations,1,Menu,4,Make eye contact and paraphrase what the other person says.,2,Call the client and recap the conversation,Right!,Menu,continue,Face,Arms,Feet,Incorrect.Please review the information again carefully before proceeding.,Info,Info,Info,Menu,Remain standing. Sitting sends an unprofessional message.,3,How can someone use their body to give positive nonverbal cues to another person in a conversation?,Use a lot of hand motions during conversation,Scenario 5,1,Menu,4,Keep legs crossed in a professional manner and try to keep hands hidden to avoid overusing them.,2,Make sure the body is in an open stance to appear friendly and approachable.,Menu,Right!,continue,CONGRATULATIONS!,Menu,Click here for completion certificate.Please print and present to your supervisor.,You have completed the communication training