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The DifferentLearningMethods

Teachers will attach a PowerPointas a download or link on their assignment or text page, in their modules. Students can then play the PowerPoint and any audio clips embedded into the presentation.

Teachers can attach YouTubevideos they made or found based on the lesson or they can create their own MP3 video and attach it as well. Students will be able to play the videos and take notes or any other assignment the teachers give.

Zoom Calls, hosted by teachers, can be set up during a certain time for students to join. Zoom is a free application where a host can start a call the others can join, in this case it can be used to go over homework, answer questions, or have a meeting.

A common to teach electives, like art, is to use the D.I.Ymethod. Teachers can put the learning material onto eCampus and let students learn themselves, then apply what they learned into an assignment.