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Gallery of Student Work for Masters Degree portfolio


Angela Drake- Spring 2020

Gallery of Student Work

graphic courtesy of Buck Institute via pblworks.org

Sustained Inquiry: Students researched authentic destinations and designed their own resort based on their discoveries. Students used the skills they learned in class to tell their audience what to do, warn them, and identify the rules of the establishment.

Voice and Choice: Students can choose what to do for their project, how to demonstrate mastery, and with whom they will work.

Challenging Problem: Students created a survey for others inviting them to do things. In analyzing the results, students posted their plans based on participants' preferences.

Public product: Students use the skills they acquire with a real-world audience, extending the learning beyond the classrooms walls. Students in this activity communicate with high-school students in Wingles, France.

Critique and Revision: Teachers/students can give and receive comments in Power Point using the comment feature instead of typing on the slide.

Reflection: Students completed an online survey stating how they worked with others and how they improve the project given other circumstances. They have to reflect upon the process and consider strategies that would make them more successful in the next project.

Authenticity- Students created edited photos showing what they would do if they could go back in time. The content was put the skills we were learning into real world application. The task was relevant to their own lives, and it provided an opportunity for students to practice a new skills (photo editing) that would serve them in future classes.