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Special thanks to my colleagues Mae, Anaïs, Paola and Marmotte!

Unaïtède, Workède and Turnède

You will not be missed!

LONG LIVE : United /Id/, Worked /t/, Turned /d/

Watch the video and sing along

Regarde la vidéo et entraîne-toi en chantant

Got it?

Let's recap:


Verbs that end in D or T"Drink Tea"


Verbs that end in s/sh/f/p/k

"SunShine Falls on Poor Kangaroos"

All the other verbs!


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Are you ready for another game?

Find the road from Start to Finish.Click only on the verbs with a "d" pronunciation at the end.

You can only go

Wrong answer!

Try again!


That's all folks!

Hope you enjoyed it

And remember :

-ède is dead!