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My home office during coronavirus lockdown


Beer. Because, well, because.Also It is 17:57 on Friday...

Wilfred the octopus:Technical support, ideas guy, and guardian of the wine rackActually we are a bit worried about him - is he drinking too much?

Wine rack:Slowly depleting due to lock in.

Memory sticks. Where I keep my memories.Also data, lot of data.

Smartphone. For all sorts of communication except telephone calls.Mostly used for email (2 different accounts)Whatsapp (friends, colleagues, family, probably that order)Zoom to workGuardian news appRedhotpawn chess accountWeb surfing in a hurry

Crease:Where I sit

Aging Asus netbookThis has everything from my research on it:All source code, in multiple different languagesCompilers / interpreters for said source codePapers / articles / technical documentsMirror of research servers and critical data acquisition computers for multiple institutionsHosts 3 different servers for different detector systems / acquisition systems, including the entire boot utility for devices used at iThemba LABSHuge amount of current and archived experimental data archived and in use hereResources for all research studentsHosts Monte Carlo routines (and runs them, slowly...)used for data processing, data analysis and image reconstruction, ...Essential!

Chalkboard:Routine, daily life, chores, notifications, to do's etc.Has the words "Don't panic" written in large friendly letters in the middle. This is left over from when we celebrated 8/3/2020 being the 42nd anniversary of the first transmission of the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy radio show. seems appropriate to leave this permanently these days.

Emergency lightbulb:To aid thinking...

Puzzle packs and "do at home" experiments for the ages 6-99 to fuel ideas for online learning and a bit of fun for the students. And the rest of us!https://www.the-purple-cow.com/products_detail/1/2042/The_Crazy_Scientist_-_The_Magic_Of_ScienceThe Crazy Scientist - The Magic Of Science'The Crazy Scientist' series, a collection of science tricks, was created by a joint venture of 2 crazy scientists and the 'Purple Cow'. A...The Purple Cow

Because I'm playing a lot of chess online again finally!(having the time to do it, but also my opponents also have the time again!)https://www.redhotpawn.com/Play Chess on RedHotPawn.comPlease turn on javascript in your browser to play chess. Play correspondence chess online against your friends and a global community of chess...RedHotPawn.com

Scribblecticks:For scribbling

Paper I'm reading

Paper I'm writing:High resolution Positron Emission Particle Tracking for micro-scale flow measurementsWe present the development and characterisation of a high resolution gamma ray detection array used to perform Positron Emission Particle Tracking (PEPT) on the microscopic scale for the first time...

Lab book with all of the experimental notes and other literature / scribblings needed to write the draft paper

One of the references needed for the paper I'm writing

Another lab book - with additional data and backgroudn information for the paper I'm writing.

Hardback book "Better sailing".https://www.amazon.com/Better-Sailing-Bob-Fisher/dp/0788150987Highly recommended, if not just for the advice it gives, but because it makes an ideal lap-desk. I have been using this for years, and read it a few times too - but not made it out on the water recently.

New lamp, bought and delivered on the day of lockdown!Chosen to attach to the sofa, and illuminate the reading material of the reader.turned against the wall as the only lightbulbs we have are far too bright for this to be a pleasant thing to do!

Un-hung picture:One of the "chores":Hang this picture up about where it is.Not enough time recently because I keep distracting myself with things like this instead...

Wireless mouse for one of the PC's... but which??

Wireless keyboard for one of the PCs, but which??

Speakers. Because... SPEAKERS!So good having a soundtrack to working at home, and so good to have quality sound!Going to miss this when we are eventually released...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7DfQMPmJRI&list=PL_cf7UZNH0CbQ3KzppCp8Q0Npt3lT1vnW

Speakers. Because... SPEAKERS!So good having a soundtrack to working at home, and so good to have quality sound!Going to miss this when we are eventually released...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrXFMw9-4pQ&list=PLK7ner54s6nZRT33p0IGlELcBEDXsMePB

Speakers. Because... SPEAKERS!So good having a soundtrack to working at home, and so good to have quality sound!Going to miss this when we are eventually released...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-2Si8flvvE

Speakers. Because... SPEAKERS!So good having a soundtrack to working at home, and so good to have quality sound!Going to miss this when we are eventually released...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8PWJsHTaAU&list=PLjdUYDDZwPSzvZXYsSIDeGOTPFCxDCg9N

Computer rescued from my office:This contains everythingteaching:Lecture notes and resources for all of my teaching, ever.Students resources for undergraduate, andPostgraduate projectsAll of the seminars, workshops, lectures, etc I have ever doneAll teaching resourcesContains a lot of research materials:Working directoryData archivesThe full PEPT-Cape Town resourcePapers / documents / technical articles...

Monitor:Shared by some of the PCs... which?!? How?!?

PC:Unix box, for grunt processing work and gamesHosts a server for all some of my research needs

Raspberry Pi:The entertainment centre of the house... but not the only one... (confused? I am)Links to screen for watching things, hooked up to amp for noise. ssh and other nefarious logins available which means it mostly runs headless. Network mounts to file servers (ideally) provide raw data, or wifi. In reality we use memory sticks more regularly.This Pi hosts an ssh server, so is often used as a remote client pretending to be one of the research lab PCs, or even one of the detector setups in the lab. Can be used as a detector emulator for multiple systems.Also occasionally gets hijacked to do some low level IO:http://abyz.me.uk/rpi/pigpio/pigpio librarypigpio is a library for the Raspberry which allows control of the General Purpose Input Outputs (GPIO). pigpio works on all versions of the Pi. At...Abyz

Amplifier:To go with those speakers... One needs a good amp.Hi-Fi.

Interactive Calvin and Hobbes comic, when we can be bothered updating it!

The Bear:What more can be said?Actually he is not usually so academic,BIPM - measurement unitsThe recommended practical system of units of measurement is the International System of Units ( Système International d'Unités), with the...Bipmpreferring a more nefarious mode of operation...:https://www.bipm.org/en/measurement-units/

Unused area...Hmm...

Bags which contained lock-in delivery of fresh vegetables:https://thinkorganic.co.za/Organic Food Cape Town, Weekly Fruit & Veg Delivery!Shop online or visit us in Putney Road, Kenilworth, Cape Town for Organic Produce, Free Range Goodies & Natural...Thinkorganic

Wickerman-esque sun, with mustache from a recent birthday party

Outside:We don't go there...

Every morning at 06:35 a thrush, grumpily referred to as "alarm bird" attacks its reflection in this window... Multiple attempts made to stop it, this one being a cartoon angry bird attacking it back!

An original Leadbeater seascape, with some (other) Leadbeater additions...http://www.alexleadbeater.com/Home - Alexandra LeadbeaterLiving by the sea in St Leonards has opened up a whole new horizon. Originally from Cheshire, I lived as a pioneer for 20 years in Milton Keynes (as...Alexandra Leadbeater

My room

More outside. We do go here.

3 printed test piece...Its a dinosaur with a monocle.

Items of interest:Choobingo and Squiddly-diddly (Diddles for short), not crocheted in lock down, but gives some idea of what happens in other times.Wedding presents, and a dinosaur in the bushes.

Monitor:Shared by some of the PCs... which?!? How?!?Looks like some research going on here if you ask me: