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A presentation made by Laurynas Sondaras

Spiderman's appearance

Spiderman is a muscular, full suited human, that has red/blue cobweb-style suit, with big white eyes.

Spiderman's Character

At first, he looks just like a nerdy High-Schooler, but when he gets home, everything changes. He becomes spiderman and helps other people in danger, so that means that he's a good person.

Superpowers and summary

I personally really like spiderman because he helps other people out, he's really funny, and knows what to do at panic situations, so he doesn't take it really serious. His superpowers:

He can shoot spider webs out of his hands and swing on everything he wants to.Hes really strong.He has spider sensesHe can climb upright walls easily.

Thanks for you attention!