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01 About the project

02 The objectives

03 Game based approach

04 Some examples

05 The partners

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Female Legends Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship.Is an international, Erasmus+ project promoting the values of gender equality in the field of innovative and social entrepreneurship through game-based activities.

1. About FLYie Project

Promoteentrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young girls and women (age 16-24)

2. The objectives of the project

Inspire young girls and women through role-model education. Encourage them to hold managementpositions or dare to found their own company

Fight stereotypes against women entrepreneurs and enhance their acquisition of key skills and competences

3. Game based approach

The project's challenge is to bring to light specific games and activities that help fostering gender equality in the entrepreneurship ecosystem

“We don't stop playing because wegrow old, we grow old because we sop playing”

George B. Shaw

“We don't stop playing because wegrow old, we grow old because we sop playing”

George B. Shaw

Collect your thoughts about using games to promote gender equality in the entrepreneurship ecosystemUnderstand the requirements games should provide to stimulate entrepreneurial vocationIdentify the skills and competences a game should improve among participants

What will we achieve with this survey ?


The first board game that sees women players paid more.The game gives female players a boost with a higher payout to start investing at the beginning of the game, plus a higher payout every time they pass Go

4. Some Examples

The Moon Project

The Seven Families GamesWith famous inspiring womenMemoriesMatch the jobs together to emphacize that there is no gender for jobsTraditional card game with king and queens on an equal footing!

Who's she?

The well known Who's who game with famous inspiring and successful women in many different fields: arts, astronomy, maths, science...


A mix between Scales and Ladders and Quizz. on the topic of gender equality about- laws- social inequalities- the first woman who...

5. The partners of the project

Based in GreecePlaying games in every form is for us the most powerful activity to discover, to learn, to invent, to socialise, to live.

Based in Poland,CWEP is a Centre for Education and Entrepreneuship Support

Based in Cyprus(CIP) is an independent non-profit, non-governmental organization aiming at developing different ramifications of entrepreneurship, education and democratic dialogue in Cyprus and abroad.

Based in BelgiumLogopsycom is an education innovation center specialized in projects focused on learning disorders.

Visit the project WEBSITE:To know more about Logopsycom:

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