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By Viltė


My Favourite Film Character

By Viltė Lobinaitė

Probably you wouldn't find a person who haven't watchedPirates of the Caribbean at least once.The main character of this movie is Jack Sparrow - my favourite film character.

Jack Sparrow appearance

Jack Sparrow is a pirate, so he looks like one. He has small brown moustache, a beard, his hair are turned into long dreadlocks. He has a pointed nose and black smudges around his eyes. He is usually wearing red headband or his huge triangled hat. Jack wears simple clothes (because he is a pirate) , which remind of rags and most of the time he has a weapon (knife , gun or sword) with him.

Jack Sparrow's character

Jack Sparrow is an unique pirate.He always gets in trouble because of his temperament, he has many enemies who seeks his death. He is adventure seeker who trusts no one except himself. Jack Sparrow is also treasures seeker, he never stays in one place for too long.

I like Jack Sparrow because he is different, he has very unique personality.I like that he is always seeking for adventures, or I should say adventures are seeking for him.Also I like that he always gets out of bad situations he gets in.Jack can be funny too. I really enjoyed series of this movie because I could see Jack Sparrow in them. He makes this movie interesting and really funny to watch.

Why is Jack Sparrow my favourite film character?

Jack was acted by Johnny Depp, in my opinion he made very good job in acting.Thank you for making such an colourful character !

Johnny Depp

Jack Sparrow