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Click on the bunny and play the video,CHALLENGE 1,Watch the next video:,1-Choose one of these crafts and do it!,Challenge 2,Click on the image to start,CHALLENGE 3,2-Upload here a picture of your craft:,CHALLENGE 4,1-Colour and cut the Easter eggs:,En el próximo reto, tendréis que esconder estos 4 Easter eggs para que ellos los busquen por casa :),OPTIONAL,2-Share with your classmates and teacher a picture of your Easter eggs here: ,1-Colour and cut the Easter mask:,YOU NEED TO WEAR THIS MASK TO LOOK FOR THE 4 EASTER EGGS!,CHALLENGE 5,3-Share with your classmates and teacher a picture of your Bunny mask here: ,2- Papás y mamás, escondedles sus Easter eggspor el salón para que puedan buscarlos.,@rocioengteacher,@rocioengteacher,@rocioengteacher,@rocioengteacher,@rocioengteacher,@rocioengteacher,WATCH THE VIDEO:,@rocioengteacher,Listening activity about some vocabulary related to Easter: