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Marker based,

also called image recognition, uses a camera and a visual marker (QR code, barcode, simple patterns) to show the result.

10 things to remember about augmented reality

This technology works by means of a terminal

that uses the real world and inlays live virtual objects, animations, texts, data and/or sounds that the user views from the screen.

Augmented reality mixes virtual and real worlds,

in 2D or 3D, which enriches reality by overlay additional information.

This can be:

a smartphonea tableta pair of glassesa laptopa headset.

The fields of application range

from leisure to education, medicine, industry and training.

are examples of platforms that run either open source, on iOS, Google or Facebook.

Location based

uses a smartphone's built-in GPS and sensors such as a compass and accelerometer to locate virtual features. It is commonly used in applications that contain location information.

Projection based

works by projecting features onto real-world surfaces and objects, detecting and reacting to human interaction.

Superimposition based

replaces the original view entirely or partially with an augmented view. It works by object recognition, so that it can replace or add to any virtual object.

There are different platforms

on which developers can create applications, depending on the system's phone (Android, Apple), or whether VR will run on a website, or on a large platform such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.