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Baby Steps for approaching Open Pedagogy


Make one current assignment more open

Try making one of your current assignments more open. Start with one in a semester.

Increase the Audience

Increase the audience to more than you just seeing it (Watch for legalities) - Share within a class.

Open to a class

Make an assignment open to the class, if you aren’t ready to be open to the public. Maybe to other classes that you teach?

Trying Google Products

Sharing across classes is possible with Google Docs, Google Slides, and other Google Products.

Open in Canvas

Canvas Collaborations works well for sharing with groups. It is also possible to share within a class or across courses.

Renewable Assignments

Baby Steps

Caveat: Students should be given the option for participating with creative commons licensing for items released for public consumption. However, if they don't want to, they should be able to opt-out of sharing.