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This is how we celebrate Easter in the United States!


Easter in the

united states

When is Easter?

  • We always celebrate Easter on a Sunday in the Spring!
  • This year, Easter is on Sunday, 12th of April, 2020.

Easter symbols


Easter Eggs



Easter Traditions

Easter in the United States is very different than Easter in Spain!

Easter Baskets

On Easter morning, children get candy, chocolate, and Easter Bunny toys!

Easter Egg Hunts

Children go outside and look for hidden plastic eggs! There are usually candies and coins hidden inside the eggs.

egg Dyeing

On Easter, many families like to dye eggs different colors!

Easter clothes

Boys and girls wear very bright colors on Easter! What colors do you see in this picture?

Easter Foods

Many families eat ham On Easter

For Dessert, We eat Cake and other sweets

People ALso Like to eat Candy on Easter


With help from your mom and dad, you can try these

Easter activities in your house!

Easter Egg Hunt

Be creative! You can try this at home with toys, rocks, Superzings, balls, or anything you have in your house! (It's probably not a good idea to use real eggs :) )

How to dye Easter eggs

If you want to try this at home, make sure your eggs are hard-boiled! This can be very messy!

Easter Crafts

This website has a lot of easy Easter crafts you can try at home!


Let's sing and Dance!

"Here comes peter cottontail"

Peter Cottontail is a rabbit from a story that delivers candy on Easter!

Dance and Freeze

"Freeze!" = "Stop!"
When the song says freeze, stop dancing!

Online Easter Games

These websites have a lot of Easter games you can play on your computer!



Happy Easter, Everyone!