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Tastyand healthy

My breakfast

fruit - owoce

vegetables - warzywa

Najedź myszką na każdy obrazek i poznaj nowe słówka.

Tomatoes.Tomatoes are raw.raw - surowe

Lemons.Lemons are sour.sour - kwaśny

Honey.Honey is sweet.sweet - słodki

Carrots.Carrots are crunchy.crunchy - chrupiący

Orange juice.Orange juice is fresh.Fresh - świeży

Fruit and vegetables help you grow andstayhealthy. You need to eat 5 portions every day. Here are five fun ways to eat fruit and vegetables.

grow - rosnąć

healthy - zdrowy

portions - porcje

Make ice fruit jollies. You can use fresh fruit or fruit juice. Different kinds of fruit make different colours.

different kind of fruit - różne rodzaje owoców

Make a sweet smoothie of fruit, milk, yoghurt and ice cubes. Delicious.

ice cubes - kostki loud

delicious - pyszny

Make a fruit salad. You can mix sweet and sour fruit. Don't add sugar.

you can mix - możesz pomieszać

Don't add sugar - nie dodawaj cukru

Make a funny face with a sandwich and eat it! It's fun and good for you,too.

funny face - śmieszna buzz

Make crunchy vegetable sticks. Use raw carrots or celery. Take vegetable sticks for a picnic in a lunch box.

use - użyj

celery - seler

take - zabierz

Watch what children have for breakfast in different countries.