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WEDNESDAY, the twentY-FIFTH of march

1st task.

Have a look at this Gramma board. Page 89


2nd task.

Read this text and underline with your ruler the sentences in which "Present Continuous for Future arrengements" are.


Page 89 Ex. 4

3rd task.


Page 89 Ex. 3

Read the diary again. Match these future times to the family´s arrangements.



4th task.


Monday, the twenty-third of March, 2020UNIT 7. GRAMMAR.* PRESENT PERFECT with SINCE and FOR.We use this to talk about actions that happened in the past but which are important now.We will SINCE to express a point in time. It refers to when the action started.E.g. "I have lived here since I was 2 years old".On the other hand, we will use FOR to express the period of time since the action started until now.E.g. " I have lived here for nine years".In order to ask about when the action started or the period of time it has lasted we need to use HOW LONG ...?E.g. "How long have you lived here?

Wednesday, the twenty-fifth of March, 2020UNIT 7. GRAMMAR.* PRESENT CONTINUOUS for FUTURE ARRANGEMENTS.We use this tense to talk about actions that we have decided or arranged to do.E.g. Imagine you have a toochache. You take your smart phone and call your dentist. Today he is very busy but you can go to his office tomorrow at 11 a.m.Now you can say to your mum that "You are meeting your dentist tomorrow at 11 a.m."Rules to follow:* Auxiliary Verb "TO BE" in Present Simple Tense (am, is or are).* Main Verb in Gerund (-ing)E.g.

Write the GRAMMAR section in your notebook.