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3. Speaking

4. Create

2. Memory

1. Dance!


click HERE for at the shops poster 1.

For this speaking exercise you are going to be an interviewer at a shopping centre.

You are trying to find out what stores are the most popular.

Step 1.

Read the example so you know what kind of questions you can ask.

Step 2.

practice asking these questions. You can use the questions from the example or come up with your own.

Step 3.

Find somebody at your house who wants to answer your questions.

(Nobody to work with? No problem, you can use puppets to act out the interview or WhatsApp call a friend!)

Step 4.

Make a video of the interview and share it on the Padlet (button 3)

Dance! Dance! Dance!

In this exercise you are going to listen to the song from lesson 1 again and then make a dance to it.

Step 1.

Listen to the song.

Step 2.

Open the lyrics and come up with dance moves you can do.

Step 3.

Practice your dance while listening to the song.

Step 4.

Make a videoclip by recording yourself dancing to the song.