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How to save our planet?

We're all a part of this amazing planet, but we're changing it like never before. Discover the story of the one place we all call home.

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We live in times of rapid and unprecedented changes in scale the whole planet.

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Cherries and Strawberries were great friends. They were excitedly waiting for the summer vacation to arrive. During the summer vacation, they would go to visit their grandmother.

Nihan Batan

Nihan Batan

They went to visit their grandmother. Their grandmother lived on a farm by the sea.

Dorota Stanałowska

Strawberry and cherry excited about their visit to grandmother eagerly set out to the sea.

On their way , they pasted the strawberry plantation where they stopped for a moment.

Dorota Stanałowska

They saw thousands of dried strawberry bushes and not a single fruit it surprised them but they carried on.

Iwona Pawłowska

Passing the well-known orchard, they saw again something surprising, many fruit trees with not a single leaf, flower or fruit.

Strawberry: "How is this possible? There are no fruits, no flowers, not even a single leaf...."Cherry: "This is awful! I've never seen something like this! "While they were asking themselves, a thin and tired seagull was flying with difficulty above them. It had its head trapped in a plastic ring and was crying:"Heeeelp! I can't eat and I can't drink WATER!"

Adriana Efrim

Nursel İGAÇ

Strawberry was very upset that the terrible things happening in this world negatively affected all living things. He began to think about how he could help the seagull. He had to do something.

Ana Mendes

Strawberry: “Come here! I will help you!”Cherry: “What happened?”Seagul: “I fell better already! Thanks. I was suffering. I went to the sea and it seemed to see a fish. As you can see I had my head trapped in a plastic ring.Strawberry: shall we see what’s going on at see?

Beata Minta

When they came to the beach, a terrible sight appeared to their eyes. Dead fish were lying on the shore among the rubbish. Waves carried drifting plastic bottles and bags. There was an albatross trapped in a huge oil stain. They quickly ran up to the bird with consternation.

Manana Rostomashvili

After seeing another strange story strawberry and cherry managed to free the albatross from the oil stain. So, the albatross decided to thank them by anything for freedom. Albatross: "Tell me what you want, I'll do anything for you" But the only thing friends wanted was the answer of the question - ''How did this terrible things started to happen?''

"I owe my life to you. Come with me if you are wondering how all these problems started." saying, the albatross led the children towards their home. "We will tell you everything with other creatures, my animal and plant friends." said.


Ayşegül İNAN

Strawberry and cherry approached Albatross eagerly and began to listen to what he was going to tell.

"Many years ago, our world and everything around it was breathing in tremendous beauty," said Albatross. After pausing for a moment, Albatross took a deep breath and continued…

Songül ŞEN

But we have learned that other species that are alive and different from us are alive. Everything was very good at the beginning. They also adapted to our life and everything was going well. But then we realized that these creatures, which are different from us, wanted to have everything on earth. They did not shy away from any evil to achieve these goals.

Aysun Bozkurt- Zeyyat

Our living spaces have decreased. We started to decrease as we go. Even some of our friends have disappeared. We have difficulty in maintaining our lives. People who did not care about the disappearance of this beautiful living space caused them.


Cherry and strawberry were very upset when they saw what happened to other creatures. But they knew there was something to be done. They thought there was always something to do, even if it was difficult. They went to her grandmother and asked what they could do. Firstly, they would help the creatures who needed help. But they would also think about the people who caused it. They knew that they had to tell them that this world belongs to all of us.


Albatross was named king by his grandmother, Strawberry and Cherry. He had a responsibility to bring back the lost beauty. He called people, birds, animals and plants, or rather all creatures, and together they determined what needed to be done to lead a beautiful and healthy life.

They also set certain rules to keep the beauty everyone needed. People immediately started planting trees, caring for plants and animals, recycling waste ... They managed to renew the cultural and natural riches of the world and their lives changed! Everyone is happy that they succeeded together!