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Character Information


Sailor moon uses her moon stick to perform "Moon Healing Activation." This transforms a monster back into their human form.

Usagi (Sailor Moon by day) attends Juban Middle School, and she hates studying.

Sailor Moon finds herself having many crushes on different boys, but we all know Tuxedo Mask is her true love.

Luna, is sailor moon's advisor and guardian. She tries to teach Sailor Moon new lessons, keep her safe, and inform her of new evil villains that need defeated.

Sailor Moon loves to eat, and is often told she eats too much. She especially loves eating pork buns and cute bento boxes.

Sailor Moon's star sign is a Cancer. This means she is sensitive, naturally sweet and romantic, and comes off as soft but is actually a powerful force to be reckoned with!

Sailor Moon does not fight evil by moonlight alone, because she has her friends and fellow sailor scouts to join her.

Tuxedo mask's arrival is always preceded by a rose. He usually comes in to help Sailor Moon save the day.

Usagi (Sailor Moon by day) hates mornings!

In the name of the Moon,I'll punish you!