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Climate zones on Earth

Climates of Spain

Do you need more information about latitude? (VOLUNTARIO)

Climate zones on Earth I


LATITUDEs la distancia de un punto de la Tierra al Ecuador. El Ecuador es la línea horizontal que divide a la Tierra en dos hemisferios ( Norte y sur) .Dependiendo de la distancia de ese punto al Ecuador te podrás encontrar en una de las tres zonas climáticas. PinchaAQUÍsi quieres ver un vídeo sobre ello.

Climate zones on Earth II

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Underline your book. Page 34

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The cold climate zones start at the polar circles and stretch up to the Poles. They can also be found in high mountain areas.• The temperatures are very low.• Polar and mountain climates are in these zones.

The temperate climate zones, one in each hemisphere, are between the tropics and the polar circles.• The temperature varies throughout the year and there are four seasons.• Mediterranean, oceanic, continental and temperate desert climates are in these zones. Each climate has a different temperature, amount of rainfall and is a different distance from the seas or oceans.

The hot climate zone is found on either side of the Equator, betweenthe Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.• The temperatures are always higher than 18 ºC.• Equatorial, tropical and hot desert climates are in this zone.

Climate zones on Earth: Activities



Notebook drawing


Book exercises


Make a drawing:1. Open your notebook and write the date and the tittle: " Climate zones on Earth"2. Open your book on pages 34 -35.3. Make a drawing in which you explain the different climate zones with information about each one.(Se entrega a la vuelta)

Book exercises:1. Open your notebook and write the date.2. Open your book on pages 34 -35.3. Do exercises 1 and 2 of page 34 in our notebook. Remember to write complete sentences to answer the questions.( Se entrega a la vuelta)

Do you need extra information?

Climates of Spain I


Climates of Spain II

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Continental climate

Continental climateTemperatures between 3º and 23ºPrecipitation is very frecuent and it usually snow in winter. Summers are very hot and dry

Oceanic climate

Oceanic climateTemperatures are between 12º and 20º. Temperatures are very mild becase they are near to the coast.Precipitation is light but abundant.These are the greenest zones of Spain.

Mountain climate

Mountain climateHigh mountainous areas above 1 200 metres.Temperatures vary between 15 ºC and below 0 ºCPrecipitation is abundant all year. There is snow in winter.

Mediterranean climate

Mediterranean climateThe temperature vary between 12º and 27º. Winters are warm and mild and summers are very hot.Precipitation is mainly in spring and autumm. In summer often happens the "Gota fria" with very heavy rain falls.

Continental - Mediterranean climate

Continental - Mediterranean climateWinters in these areas are not as cold as continental climate areas butsummers are hotter.Precipitation is light but more abundant.

Subtropical climate

Subtropical climateTemperatures are always warm.Precipitation is infrequent

Climate zones of Spain: Activities



Visual thinking


Research!(Trabajo voluntario)


Research!1. Choose one of the climates of Spain and search online information about it.2. Choose one format: A mind map in your notebook, a visual thinking, a drawing, a poster... ( Not digital presentations)3. Put all the information together, you can add pictures or drawings. You will be able to show it to the class when we will come back!

Make a visual thinking:1. Open your notebook and write the date and the tittle: " Climate zones of Spain"2. Open your book on page 36.3. Make a visual thinking about the climates of Spain. You can watch thefirst videoagain to get inspiration. (Remember, a visual thinking must be 80% drawings and 20% writing)Aquí podéis descargar un mapa de España en blanco para que la tarea sea más sencilla. Podéis imprimirlo y hacer el visual thinking sobre él.(Se entrega a la vuelta)