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This is a very short presentation of what kind of topic the URCLIM team members are dealing with day to day.


Urban climate and health

Zenaida CHITU from Meteo Romania explains how urban climate services could help the mitigation of public health issues

URCLIM goals

Bucharest: urban health


To me, we, the URCLIM team, aim at creating and providing Urban Climate Services for planners, but also for users such as health public bodies. In Romania, we put the focus on the impact of extreme temperatures (heat wave and cold wave) on human health. We are working for establishing relationships between public health issues and weather conditions derived from EO data and urban stations that are used by Meteo Romania.It helps to mitigate risks of public health issues due to weather/climate hazards by identifying temperature thresholds that could be used to release warnings for exposed population.

Zenaida CHITU is researcher at the National Administration of Meteorology (Meteo Romania). As team member of the URCLIM project, she is co-leader of the WP6 aiming at designing and selecting the most relevant urban climate services for stakeholders and citizen. Her recent papers includes:Chitu, Z.; Tomei, F.; Villani, G.; Di Felice, A.; Zampelli, G.; Paltineanu, I.C.; Visinescu, I.; Dumitrescu, A.; Bularda, M.; Neagu, D.; Costache, R.; Luca, E., Improving Irrigation Scheduling Using MOSES Short-Term Irrigation Forecasts and In Situ Water Resources Measurements on Alluvial Soils of Lower Danube Floodplain, Romania, in Water2020, 12, 520.Chitu, Z., Bogaard, T., Busuioc, A. et al.Identifying hydrological pre-conditions and rainfall triggers of slope failures at catchment scale for 2014 storm events in the Ialomita Subcarpathians, Romania. Landslides14,419–434 (2017). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10346-016-0740-4Sandric I., Ionita C., Chitu Z., Dardala M. & al., Using CUDA to accelerate uncertainty propagation modelling for landslide susceptibility assessment, inEnvironmental Modelling & SoftwareVol. 115, May 2019, Pages 176-186

Yes, we have already carried out the heat wave hazard maps and we are working to provide in the next months the human health risk to extreme temperatures maps for Bucharest.Air pollution is an issue in many urban areas and also in Bucharest. This subject is treated by my colleagues in other research projects.********Illustration of the Urban Heat Island intensity in Europe, related to projected heatwaves. As you may remark from this European Environmental Agency map, Bucharest is amongst cities where the projected number of heatwaves increases.Data from Nov. 2019. Click on the map to expand it!