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St. Patrick's Day!


What do you know about St. Patrick?

Saint Patrick is the patron of Ireland

What do you know about Ireland?


Ireland is an island next to Great Britain. In Ireland people speak English and Gaelic. Its capital is Dublin.

St. Patrick's Day is a public holiday in Ireland, and it is celebrated on March 17th. Originally, this is a catholic celebration, but people do lots of different things this day. A very important part of this celebration is the amazing parade!

As St. Patrick's Day is about Ireland, this celebration is full of typical Irish symbols, such as the colour green and Irish music. This is an example of typical Irish music and dancing. Do you like it?

Some more typical Irish things


Shamrock (three-leaf clover, the symbol of Ireland)

Leprechaun (small mythical creature with magical powers)

Some more typical Irish things

Pot of gold (associated with leprechauns and said to be found at the end of a rainbow)

Horseshoe (it's considered lucky to have one)

Irish flag

A little bit of history

What new vocabulary did you learn with the video?Can you retell the story?

St. Patrick's Day

17th March