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Bringing classwork to the digital world and vice versa



Blended Learning


the combination of in-person teaching and online learning (with online courses or digital media)


It's hard to find a teacher who lacks tools on the paper side of things. So what about the digital piece? Just as some teachers tend to use whiteboards to explain everything and others prefer handouts, each teacher finds his or her favorite tools in the digital world. An LMS can work as a digital foundation to build on, and media creation tools can make your online classroom interactive and more visually attractive.



1. Use a Learning Management System (LMS) as your foundation

2. Find a media creation tool

3. Upgrade old materials

4. Make new ones

5. Integrate!

A student with a fixed mindset is more likely to give up when faced with a challenge they cannot solve right away. A student with a growth mindset, however, is more likely to keep working until they solve difficult problems because they believe that they can expand their capacities to include ones they don’t currently have.

The best part is that the growth mindset can be learned! This mindset is especially helpful for students who are easily frustrated and start to doubt their learning abilities because it helps grow their confidence and encourages them to keep working through struggles. It’s also surprisingly helpful for high-performing students who are often motivated more by the achievement of getting top grades than the process of learning. The growth mindset encourages them to become more curious and to lose their fear of making mistakes.

A LMS like Canvas helps us keep all of our digital materials in one place: assignments, grades, announcements, to-do lists, class discussions and more. It helps teachers make sure our digital learning materials aren’t scattered and distracting, but instead purposeful pieces working as part of a larger vision. It’s a perfect platform to use for course building, and to structure all of our digital learning.

Refresh your old static material with your all-in-one media creation tool to make old material interactive and more visually appealing with a few quick edits. You can upload Powerpoints and Keynotes you've used in the past to Genially to add interactive elements.

Create new material with the same tool.

Upload or insert your learning materials into your LMS. Many should integrate smoothly into your management system of choice.

Find an all-in-one tool for creating interactive and animated learning media that can make everything from presentations, infographics, interactive images and even breakouts and other gamified material. Investing in learning one tool well saves time in the longrun because it will serve you for making almost anything you need. Tools like Genially help visually prioritize the most central concepts of each lesson and store the rest of the text, videos, etc. in pins and windows students need to discover themselves.