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Early description of the monster of Cracow was from a Latin edition of Munster's Cosmography, one of the mostt influential geagraphical works of the 16 th century.This image is based upon an image by Pierre Boaistua in his Histoires Prodigieuses, published in 1559. The Monster of Cracow was a reportedly born in 1543 or 1547 (as reported by Munster). The legend provides that the monster depart the world four hours later crying out ''Watch, the Lord Cometh''. This form of allegory was not unusual for Protestant scholars.

The monster was a deformed child with six heads of dogs all over the body: two on the chest, two on the arms and finally two on the knees. He was very muscular and had the hands and feet with only three fingers, tied together by a small piece of skin. He was very big and tall and had a long tail with two pointed part at the end. Then he had a round head, his eyes were full of very lon hair that formed a sort of mask. The ears were pointed too and the nose was similar to an elephant's trunk and nly the mounth was very small.

A monster is any creatures, usually found in legends or horror fiction and that very often is frightening because of its appearance. But he can also be applied figuratively to a person who does horrible things.