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The fight against the demon

In this image we can see, under a Latin inscription, a woman, a man holdin a cross and a monster who is running away. The whole is surrounded by a sort of frame with different flowers. I suppose it is a formula for defeating the demon, and the image below represents the moment in which it can be used. The scene may represent a husband who wants to protect his wife from the demon by reciting the formula and holding the cross.

The demon in details.

Tongue out

Curly tail

Protruding ears and strange hair.

Big foot with pointed nails.

Starting from the expression, it seems like it's not afraid, it's just running away because it cannot do anything else. It is like it is saying "it's not finished yet" and it sticks its tongue out. It is covered with a grayish hair, it has two big feet and two protruding ears. They may represent two important features of the demon: the big foot may mean that it is able to trample all the other creatures on the earth and the protruding ear may represent its ability to make feel his presence even when it's not there.


This picture makes me think about different situations. All of us have a demon or more demons tormenting our lives and they can be presented under various aspects. One of them, in my opinion, can be the fear. Fear torments us by not allowing us to do anything we want because we are afraid of the consequences, we are afraid of the failure. But we can save ourselves from this fear sharing it with people who are important for us. Just as the husband protects his wife by the demon in the picture so some people can protects us from our fears.