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Saint George Slaying the Dragon

›Place / Time: third quarter 15th century, fourth quarter 15th century

› Creation Date: 1470 - 1490

› Artist:Schongauer


In this painting is represented Saint George, as a knight on a horse, who raises his sword to kill the dragon.The horse is represented on two legs while looking at the dragon ready to attack himand under him there is a long wooden spear that the dragon has broken.



In the background is represented a woman, who was supposed to be a princess.she is dressed in a very long dress and cloak and looks at the scene, worried. Behind her, is represented a castle

The dragon is represented on the ground, with the mouth open from where it is possible to see the teeth. It is large, has two large wings and a very long tail and legs and has a piece of wood in its hands. The dragon seems frightened and intimidated by the horse and San Giorgio.The dragon represents the devil who is then killed by St. george who represents the Christian faith.