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Life processes of plants


TRUE. All the parts are important.. FALSE. TRUE. FALSE. All plants have leaves. TRUE. o. Water instead of petrol.. FALSE. TRUE. FALSE. The flower holds up the plant.. FALSE. Roots hold the plant in the soil.. Roots are the most important part of a plant.. TRUE. FALSE. TRUE. TRUE. FALSE. FALSE. The stem has that function.. TRUE. Leaves transport nutrients and water from the roots to the rest of the plant.. FALSE. FALSE. FALSE. TRUE. Plants need sunlight, air, nutrients and petrol to live. The stem does it.. Roots absorb minerals and water from the soil.. TRUE. TRUE. FALSE. FALSE. They breathe through their leaves.. FALSE. TRUE. Plants breathe through their roots.. TRUE. TRUE. The reproduction organ of the plant is in the flower.. FALSE. Plants cannot use nutrients, sunlight and water to make food.. FALSE. TRUE. FALSE. They use them through the photosynthesis process.