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The Bank Feeds below are impacted by confirmed issuesAccounting uses Yodlee, a third-party online banking solution provider. Yodlee connects to thousands of banking websites worldwide to retrieve bank statement information and make this available for use. These issues are being investigated currently and the respective teams aim to resolve them as soon as possible. Until the issues have been fixed your bank feed may not function as expected.The dates provided are ETAs for fixes to the issues listed and are subject to change. Please wait until your bank is no longer listed or is reported as ‘resolved’ and then try to connect or refresh your feed again.

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BankProviderAdditional InfoTentative ETA/SolutionNedbank3rd PartyFor Nedbank Feeds, it’s expected to have the feeds delayed for 4 days.The delay can sometimes be upto 7 days.Reason: To avoid Duplicate transactions, Yodlee Implemented a “Pending Transaction Logic” to keep the transactions in pending status for 4 days.Discovery Bank3rd PartyPlease note that Discovery Bank is no longer available for Bank Feeds. Users can import the statements manually. Please view the Sage KB article on how to importInvestec3rd PartyIn order to add an Investec Bank account, a user needs to be the owner or admin and MUA L4(User Level 4). Anything below Level 4 will result in the feed not adding.The user will need to check the banking site to verify user access or contact Investec.Nedbank3rd PartyNedbank has discontinued old banking site.Please view https://www.sagecity.com/za/sage-one-accounting-south-africa/f/sage-one-accounting-south-africa-announcements-news-and-alerts/165569/sage-bank-feeds-notification-nedbank

Sage Business Cloud AccountingBank Feed Status

Octoberber 2021

SBCA Bank Feed Status

View Sage KB for steps to link and troubleshoot