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"Italiani, aiutate la croce rossa nell'assistenza ai tubercolosi."

A nurse stabbing a dragon holding the globe.

In this poster is represented a nurse in the moment while she's stabbing a dragon. The dragon, black and wrapped around the globe, is the symbol of Tubercolosis, a very serious illness of the XX century, while the nurse represents the solution to this problem. The quote below invites all the Italian people to help all the tuberculosis patients of that time.The background rapresents the flag of the "Red Cross", already represented on the nurse's dress and headdress... The nurse defeats him by hitting him in the head with a dagger...But what about the globe? I believe that this monster is represented on the globe in such a way as to make us understand that the tubercolosis was a global problem.

Now, let's focus on the monster: the dragon.

The dragon is a mythological creature .The term comes from the Latin draco, Draconis , in turn coming from the Greek drakon, with the equivalent meaning of snake. In Western culture is seen as something negative and malefic, while in Eastern culture it is the bearer of fortune.

He is huge, with a long and powerful tail, sharp teeth and long claws. He looks like a snake with wings and he has the power to spit fire and destroy everything.Nowadays it refers to the term dragon to describe several animals whose appearance is very similar to that of dragons. These animals can be found mainly in Africa and Asia.