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table design 2,INSTITUT NARCÍS XIFRA I MASMITJÀ,GINA,POL,Now make a sketch in a local team for the given problem. You must design max. 3 solutions for this problem just by making drawings of your possible ideas.,+ info,SIM,what do we need to include in our design,Presentation task 1- Spain groupC5 - Leonardo the Inventor,3. Designing,,DESIGN THINKING,Each country: have a local brainstorm about small practical problems in your daily life. List them over here,we have used Photoshop to draw our table.,For a self-cleaning kitchen tablet,2.System requirements,START,sp_team 2,SP_TEAM 1,TABLE DESIGN 1,+ info,design thinking,thanks,+ info,1.Local brainstorm ,Design thinking process,SP_ TEAM,‘Teamwork makes the dream work.’,MARTINA,For a mobile phone holder which makes your hands free while making a phone call.,+ info