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1. Crops

2. Harvesting

3. Fermentation

4. Sun dried

5. Bagging

11. Demolding andResting

10. Temperate and Molding

9. Refinement

8. Grinding of Nibs

7. Shelling

6. Transportation

The grain in drool is stored in baskets covered with banana leaf in a room for 5 or 7 days, depending on the weather.

The grain is housed in large wooden drawers for 7 to 10 days, depending on the weather.

The beans are stored in bags of 30 kg.

The tablets or chocolates are supported on a flat surface, allowed to stand in a cool place to pack.

Temperate: Controlled temperature changes occur, forming stable crystals that achieve a crispy and shiny chocolate.Molding: the mold is filled with tempered chocolate to make tablets or chocolates; the mold is tilted and the excess chocolate is removed from the surface.

This process provides oxygenation and creaminess to chocolate, achieving velvety texture and extracting the natural acidity of cocoa.

Crops are taken care of so that they stay free of pests.

The grinding transforms the solids particles of the grains into cocoa liquor that will serve as a base for chocolate.

Each cocoa bean is broken to separate the husk and the embryo from the nibs that will become chocolate.

The ripe ears are harvested.

The bags are transported from the farm to our laboratory.