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Watch this video on, Documentary making as a context for developing writing,What tools would I use?,How can I use digital videos to improve writing?,Meet Maria, a year 5/6 teacher looking to improve writing skills (process and product) through digital story telling and documentaries,In this video, Renee Strawbridge (Mount Biggs School) uses digital documentaries to improve writing for her Year 6-8yr olds,Why would I do this?,How would I do this?,e-Learning tools can be used to support or enhance learning outcomes when effectively used in authentic contexts. For example,Students plan their writing using a variety of methods e.g. brainstorming, story mapping (thinking maps), revise and rework their writing for clarity, impact and purpose. They can use writing processes (digital or by hand) to reveal what they know, by selecting and using text features including text structure and language features that are increasingly topic- or subject-specific.Students willpresenttheir work in a range of appropriate forms - digital and visual media. (Ideas derived from Curriculum Progress Tool - Writing),e-Learning pedagogy,Gather data to identify a target student/sClarify and share/negotiate learning goals and/or progress rubricWorkshop processes (tools) and potential outcomes (examples)Distribute resources (individual or group)Assign roles, grow expertiseAllow time to explore, create, communicateEncourage learning through play, failing fast, collaboration and flipped learning, cultural identity, links to other learningMonitor progressShare outcomes to wider audience(online and off),Digital technologies support future focused teaching and learning by offering new ways for students to:represent their thinkingclarify ideasmake connectionsidentify patternsreflect on their thinking across the curriculum.They provide students with greater capacity to:save and build on previous workuse scaffolds and templates designed for particular learning outcomeswork collaboratively or individually in creative and innovative ways.,Possible Strategy,Making connections,The digital curriculum is about teaching children how to design their own digital solutions and become creators of, not just users of, digital technologies, to prepare them for the modern workforce.Chris Hipkins, 2018,Join Enabling e-Learning community (VLN) and tell us what you think.,Watch this video on, Students' story: Developing writing skills in the context of making a documentary,iMovieMS Photo appBook CreatoriPad, camera, tripod, microphoneGraphic organisers,storyboard, mind mapLiteracy LearningProgressionsCurriculum ProgressTools,Watch this video on, Improving student writing with digital stories,Wronganswer,e-Learning tools,READ MORE,PLAY,PLAY,READ MORE,Join Enabling e-Learning community (VLN) and tell us what you think.,How would I do this?,What tools would I use?,PLAY,READ MORE,Why would I do this,How would I do this?,What tools would I use?,Making connections,Why would I do this,Reading and Writing,Digital Fluency,Ministry funded National PLD priorities,Why would I do this?,What tools would I use?,How would I do this?,Want to know more about enhancing literacy through multi-media?,Learning objectives,Links to Digital Technologies,Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes(Progress Outcome 1),INFO,Want to explore more software?,Making connections,Making connections,Making connections,Links to Enabling e-Learning Framework,Learning teaching - EmpoweringI embed technology effectively in needs-driven planning and practice.